This could be a much better community

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Okay so this has nothing to do with theories for the game so if you are looking for that don't waster your time reading this . This community was created for people to share their ideas and predictions of the game and the fun part is for other people to discuss them with you and bring in their own thoughts , tell you why you are wrong or right , but instead people here as soon as they don't agree with you or you've ever had an argument with them they just bury you with downvotes ( which is the thing that worries me the least because I could give a crap about that ) , the ugly part is they offend you or make jokes toward you which are not funny at all , Now i understand this is the internet and you could 't care less because you are never going to see these people in your life but its not about that its about becoming a better person and making this a better place , for those who took the time to read this whole thing Thank You and feel free to post your comments below , for those who wanna go downvote this because You don't like something I said....., Go ahead as well , Greeting to all of ya !



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