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Communication in the Apocalypse

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Okay, looking back at Episode 2, I had one big question. How are people communicating from far away, like "hearing" things around? Here's an example:

  1. Christa wants to go up to Wellington because it's allegedly safer up there in the North, she says she heard rumors it's safer because of the cold "or so they say." Who's they? Where did she hear these rumors?

  2. Pete says he heard his cousin up in Ainsworth amputated a limb and lived. He says he only "heard" this. Heard it from who, when?

So how do you think they get their information?

  • It's been 2 years since the outbreak, I'm guessing that Pete maybe is from Ainsworth, maybe he was there during the first months of the apocalypse, or at least he was close to someone who knew his cousin like a family member who perhaps told him what happened to his cousin etc.
    Christa may have heard about Wellington from someone that they met during the 16 month gap, although I think she mentioned that they haven't been with a group for awhile or something, so maybe she met a scavenger like Molly that told her about Wellington.

  • In Pete's case they might have people going from group to group sharing supplies and whatnot, much like a few of the groups do in the comics, especially if his family is scattered like that. Or Pete is just BSing. It's possible.

    As for Christa? I'd always assumed she was lying. Clem is extremely young and while she isn't naive or stupid she'd still take the word of an authority figure as golden. I mean, she doesn't seem to notice (or, at least, comment on) how cold Christa had grown towards her. So, I think Christa just lied. She wanted to go up north and, despite her growing resentment towards Clementine, didn't have it in her to abandon her.

  • Clem and Christa may have stumbled upon some groups since the past 16 months and may have heard from the through word of mouth. They must not have joined because Christa is kind of the "lone wolf" type and doesn't believe in strength in number, even when they stumbled upon Lee's group.

  • I think other groups have been running into each other and exchanging stories, when they're not exchanging bullets if you know what I mean, and Christa and Clem stumbled upon a group of people who were heading north and heard about Wellington from them. As for Pete, maybe they were up in Ainsworth when they were still with Carver, and he was there when it happened.

  • I fully agree with your skepticism on these issues, but from the point of view of storytelling and video games, this is where creative license is used to justify the fact that it doesn't matter if these questions have answers because they're not very relevant to the current plot. Maybe they'll come into play later, and you'll get your intellectual satisfaction, but I would suggest that, for now, you stick to thinking about what's been presented.

    An odd facet of people's imaginations is that the things we think could have happened somehow seem more likely to occur than what has in fact happened. For example, people who survive a car crash figure their chances of risk of dying in a car crash to be greater than those of the ones who actually died.
    It's odd, but understandable considering how our emotions color our perceptions.

    Personally I think Christa and Pete probably did get the information from someone credible at some point in the past, but when you consider the individual's motivations for proffering it, there's always room for suspicion. I would be more concerned with why they mentioned those places and what the idea of it means to them, because really, that information doesn't really help the situation at present (i.e. Christa and Clem are still starving and vulnerable, knowing about Pete's cousin's survival won't really help anyone else survive an amputation.)

  • Maybe they all have their walkie-talkies lol

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