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What do you think of Kenny's idea for leaving the Motar Inn?

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In the game, Kenny's plan is to leave for the coast, find a boat, and get out on the water.
Chuck, on the train, strongly disagrees, stating that finding a boat to begin with could be nearly impossible.

So what would you do?
As Lee, if you could have devised a plan in the game for leaving the Motor Inn, like you could when it came to getting into Crawford, what would it be?

Keeping in mind that the RV's engine is in poor shape, I would head for Augusta- Richmond County, being only a roughly 2 and a half hour drive from Macon, or 121 miles.
Since Augusta-Richmond County is located at the fall line of the Savanah river, try and find a boat their, and sail down the river until it spills into the Atlantic.
After hitting the ocean, work my way down the coast line, make a final stop in Miami to replenish my supplies, and then sail straight for the Florida keys, being located only 15 miles off the coast of Miami.

So that would be my plan.
What would you do?
Where do you think it would be best too go?
Like for example, do you think getting on open water would be the way, or perhaps retreating into the mountains would be better?
And out of curiosity, what do you think of my plan?

  • Leaving the Motel was the good idea, there's no discussing it, the bandits prove it.

    Now for the boat, to be honest I knew it'd probably be "easier said than done" but... After everything that happened in Episode 3 I think having a goal, no matter what that goal is, was the most important thing. Without a goal people would be dwelling in the melancholy over the loss of their loved ones. Setting an absolute goal to try to forget what happened is probably the thing everyone would do.

    The idea in itself made a lot of sense, walkers probably can't swim so no risks of getting bit and fishes are still there so they could eat them to survive, problem would be water. If we had found a boat bigger than the one we get then I'd have been all over it but when I saw how ridiculously small it was I knew it just wouldn't work.

    • Exactly, Supplies were scarce and bandits made the Motor Inn as target since they could no longer get food from the St. Johns, The Motor Inn has run its course, it was time to move on. I just didn't see why staying there was the better choice.

  • Before Episode 2, I'd say no. The group, at that time, has a safe haven, despite supplies not exactly being prevalent in the ruins of Macon. I told him to stay. After Episode 2, and the incident with the St. Johns? I'd get the fuck out of there as fast as humanly possible. With the constant bandit attacks and Macon being basically out of supplies, the motel wasn't safe after that.

    • That's all well and good.
      But where would you go?
      Would you think finding a boat was the best bet, or would you rather try for a small town or out in the countryside somewhere?
      Remember Kenny, Christa and Omid asking that after that sneeky basterd Vernon makes off with their boat?

      I remember the first time around, I voted for heading out into the country.
      The plan I outlined above, I came up with after doing some research on the state of Georgia, it's towns, the Savannah river, as well as Florida and its surrounding islands.

      By doing research, is how I discovered Augusta Richmond county, was closest to Macon, at least mileage wise.
      Using that, researching the Savannah river, parts of Florida, and combining that with common sense, is how I came up with my plan mentioned above.

      • I'd say small town. I didn't much like the boat plan to begin with, but as soon as we found the train heading toward Savannah, I only got behind that plan because the coast was simply where we were heading. Small town seems like an okay idea, because there are more likely to be survivors there than in the big city. And like Lee said, I thought that people would start to rebuild at some point, and small towns are where it would start. Of course, I was thinking of one such town I knew would eventually spring up, if it hadn't been made already... Woodbury. The characters didn't know about it though, so it's technically cheating, but fuck it. I wanted them to be safe.

  • With the bandits attacking and supplies running out it was clear we were going to have to leave soon, but it was always wishful thinking that cities would be any better off, or that a boat would still be waiting on the coast. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

  • Macon was pretty swept clean, so yeah the group had to leave at some point. I wasn't too keen on the boat plan, because eventually we would have to go back to shore and find supplies, but if the plan did work I'd suggest going down south to florida or some small island maybe like the bahamas if we'd have enough fuel in the first place. What I would have done is leave the motor inn, find some other small town like Macon not too far and scavenge on whatever was left and stay away from big cities.

  • I kinda figured the motor inn wasnt gonna last, so i agreed with kenny, a boat seemed like a good idea at the time, and when we had one, it was great, honestly, assuming the boat thing worked out, i was hopeing to simply just bring kenny and clem, and omid and christa if it were possible, though we never got that option, which sucked imo.

    After the boat idea failed, i agreed with christa that citys where not a good idea, and the countryside was a better idea. But the boat wasnt a bad idea. It seemed like one of the best ideas at the time, i had no problem with it.

  • After the bandits yes.... But not to get a boat I went along with it until something better came up A boat is no real plan where would you get food and water from

    • Well this would be my thought.
      After landing on one of the Florida keys, try to build a community of sorts, by bringing supplies in from the mainland.
      For food, try to grow vegetables, and as far meat, catch fish from the sea, and try to bring back any farm animals that can be used to supply meat, like chickens, cow for milk, etc.
      As for water, constructing Solar stills, water towers, rain catches, would all help in fulfilling that need.
      I know farming on an island might not be the most ideal thing, especially with the threat of huricanes and tropical storms, but what else is there to do?
      Sailing back to the mainland for food all the time and having to contend with walkers is ridiculous, when the goal is to rebuild a normal life.

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