Shocking Confession To Make...

I like Taletell Games because they tell great stories. I'm a fan of make your own story books. Thanks guys for making games. I would have never knew about TWD game if I didn't see a youtuber play it. I decided to get season one after I played the demo and watched youtube play episode 1. I got excited and knew I wanted to play. I got pissed when certain characters I liked died, but hey great stories.


  • What a shock!

  • Mods please help me. Why does my thread say since your last visit 45 years ago o0? I wasn't even on here 45 years ago...

  • I don't think TellTale Games existed 45 years ago...

  • I don't think even the internet existed 45 years ago

  • If my grandparents didn't exist, I wouldn't think HUMANS existed 45 years ago.

  • People had better sarcastic humor than this 45 years ago.

  • clem fell in love with Luke 45 years ago

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    My reaction to that comment 45 years ago:

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  • I think at least 70% of us bought the game after watching someone play it because lets bo honest, when it came out who expected it to be this good?

  • Not me i assure you. At first i thought it was some kind of quiz lol. However, when i finally played ep 1 i was hooked instantly in TWD universe. Started watching the show,reading the comics.... And i'm sure i'm not the only one who discovered TWD this way either.

  • This isn't shocking at all. I came across this game from watching youtubers playing the first two episodes. I bought the game literally 5 minutes later on PlayStation Store.

  • I never watched somebody play it, I played the demo of E1 first then I instantly bought the full game.

  • I was bored decided to buy a random game off of xbox live and ended up with twd. At first I didn't like the gameplay cause its not what I expected but by time episode 2 came in I became obsessed with this wonderful game. Then between 2 of the episodes I decided to buy season 1 and 2 of the show and still don't get why people bash the show so much. Only medium of Twd I have left to get into is the comics, but I don't know where to buy physical copies of them and no im not going to read them on the internet and no I refuse to put my credit card info on the internet to buy them off of ebay or something.... but one day I will buy the comics and then I myself can bash the show as much as the comic readers do.

  • ACTUALLY traces of the development of the internet go back to 1958, 66 years ago.


  • Great games I bought TWD and Wolf Among Us season passes. Can't wait for Wolf part two and walking dead part 2 :D. After these games I probably won't play any other recent game. Tales From the borderlands I probaly won't play because what's the use when BL2 is out? I'll probably watch a walkthrought then decide if I want it. Same with game of thrones..

  • I've read the comics, and they're great, as is the show. The only thing I hate is that show Andrea and comic Andrea seem to have 2 different personalities. Comic Andrea is awesome and I loved her, but show Andrea isn't. I still like her, though. The show is less gory, believe it or not. :)

  • Not surprised about the show being less gory than the comics, damn you rules of tv. I still liked Andrea till she went to the prison only to go back to woodbury (Now you shall die) and then she did and I wasn't sure how I felt about it. Unfortunately since ive seen the show first im afraid I wont like the comic characters if they are too different than their tv counterparts. I always get too focused on one adaptation of a franchise that makes me not like the characters in another, but kirkman changes the show around a lot from what ive heard so not too worried. (also keeps the comic readers from spoiling the show too much. The only thing that the comic readers have ruined for me is that it was inevitable for the governor to attack the prison)

  • yeah I too have bought season passes for TWD and TWAU on IOS, and I can not wait for both of the episode 2's

  • Funny enough I watched the first 4 episodes of season 1 on Youtube before finally deciding to buy and play episode 5 myself.

    I've played through the entire season like 10 times to this day though xD

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