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How has this game affected you?

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I bought the first season about 3 or 4 months before season 2 was released and was quickly hooked to it, finished it in one sitting. Now season 2 is out and the wait for episode 2 is killing my soul. I went and watched the entire TV series in 3-4 days(yes, that was about 12 hours a day just watching TWD). While i like the TV series i was also disappointed that it was nowhere near as good as the game. I ordered the comics to see how much different they are to the TV series.

Ever since I finished the first episode of season 2, literally all i think about these days is TWD and it's been going for a month and it'll probably last until the entire season is done. Now i ask you, how has this game affected you?

  • One of the best games i've ever played in my life. I think that summes it up pretty good.

  • it has changed my gaming life it's a cool game I play it everyday and if you read the TWD chronicles companion book it tells you How Robert Kirkman Created the walking dead series (games, tv shows, comics) with the help by Charlie Adlard and Tony Moore. It's a interesting book.

  • It changed my view on games. I was more into GTA, sports and racing games. I never played adventure games (maybe besides Scooby-Doo games when I was younger :D). Yeah and now I'm adicted to TWD and wait for the next episode.

  • This game taught me something very personal about myself. Completely changed the way I thought in general. Amazing game, canno wait for episode 2.

  • Yeah, it is a very good story-based game it can really take a grip on you, but.. In terms of story, writing, characters and voice acting Legacy of Kain (especially Soul Reaver 2) is the pinnacle in video games, at least for me. Simply it's story, writing characters and voice acting put The Walking Dead to shame (at least the game, dunno about the comics or TV series). Don't get me wrong TWD is awesome and it comes very close, especially in terms of representing humans and how they behave in given situations. Legacy of Kain is more philosophical and has a very complex, dark, Gothic both storyline and lore. Just look at this intro and you will know what I am talking about:

    Don't be surprised by graphics, this game is a little more than 12 years old, came out back in 2001.

    • I think you might be letting your nostalgia cloud your judgement...

      Imagine this game came out when you were however old you were when Legacy of Kain came out. I think it'd be pretty hard for you to look at it any more objectively.

      • Have you played the game? If not have you at least watched the intro?

        • It doesn't really matter whether or not I've played the game (though I have), and an intro video isn't the same as playing it 12 years ago.

          • Ok. I agree nostalgia can be a damn thing. I know that it is far from the same playing the game now and 12 years ago (although I still repeat the game every 1-2 years), but just as I stated it is the best story ever there is for me, I didn't say that it is objectively the best story ever. But even looking at it objectively you have to agree that Legacy of Kain (I am counting Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance, Soul Reaver 1 isn't much of a story) has one of the best stories (and very epic) ever told. As for voice acting, I am sorry but Simon Templeman (Kain), Michael Bell (Raziel) and Elder God (Tony Jay, RIP :( ) are just "perfect'', the cast from TWD is awesome, but it doesn't come close to this three. The thing is you will like either Lok or TWD depending on your preferences, if you want a more philosophical, complex storyline then Lok is for you, but if you like the story about people, their actions, emotions etc. then TWD is for you. Since I prefer the former Lok wins it for me, besides there is no other game like Lok, writing that basically comes close to Shakespeare's, I have never seen any other game where characters talk this kind of advanced (literature) English. Although for example Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV are my second favourites (accompanied closely by Warcraft III and Starcraft 1). RDR also tells the story of people and deals with some interesting subjects, GTA IV as well. So want I wanted to say, yes nostalgia plays a big part, but still it isn't only that, even when I look at the story of Lok now as an adult, it simply is the best for me. Although TWD is also very high on my list.

            Edit: I asked you if you played for the sole reason I can see how much you know about the game so that I can write a reply accordingly. That's the only reason I asked you that question.

            • Just to throw in my two cents, the game with the overall best writing of any game I've played is Planescape: Torment. If you enjoy strong philosophical themes and a ridiculously unique gameworld, (and can stomach the dated combat system) you're in for quite a ride, and the concepts the game deals with will stick with you.

              Another competitor would be the the Elder Scrolls: Morrowind with its incredibly deep lore, though (in the games at least) the writing in that area has suffered since.

              I haven't played a LoK game, but I've heard good things.

              • Planescape: Torment is an awesome game definitely! Thanks for me reminding me of it. If you plan on playing Lok you can basically only play Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance, because they are the best story-wise. What I also wanted to add regarding my post is that TWD tells a story that is more appealing to people, because you can easily relate to the characters, and the game tells it's story in simple language, compared to LoK where you have a wraith and vampires and which uses quite an advanced language to tell it's story you can't relate to anything and that's the reason LoK isn't very popular and TWD is. Both games are deep, but my preference is LoK, it's simply that way, just like for some people Mario Bros and Donkey Kong are the pinnacle of gaming, so is LoK for me the pinnacle of story in video games. Nostalgia has it's part, but even objectively LoK's story is amazing. Fans of LoK don't play the game for gameplay they play it for story. Imagine TWD, 12 years from now, people won't play the game for it's graphics or gameplay they will play it for it's story (although they do that today as well), the same is with LoK, when when it came out 10-12 years ago people played it for its story. So all in all LoK's story is timeless, as well as is TWD's, that's the main thing I wanted to say, so it has nothing to with it when you played or when it came out, a great story is a great story.

            • Hopefully you don't think I gave my previous response a sour tone (it's hard enough establishing someone's tone just by reading text anyway), and I'm sorry if it came across that way.

              I was mainly pointing out the problem of nostalgia and objectivity because when I try to convince someone that something's good, I tend to appeal to the facts of what make it interesting in relation to what I know about the person. However, you seem to be saying that one of your favorite games is better than TWD because of how much better the writing, voice acting and so on are to you, personally. Obviously, those things would appeal to most discerning gamers, but it then sounds like you think others should use your opinion of something as a guide for how they interpret their own, instead of either agreeing to disagree or looking at it more objectively.

              Also, I'm still curious to know how The Walking Dead has affected you, and even Legacy of Kain, becuase that question can be answered many ways.

  • Well this game has made me think more about human nature and what people will do to survive. Its also put my faith again in adventure games. One of the best games I've played in a long time. Definitely in my top 5.

  • There is a philospher that suggested imagining the death of your loved ones everyday as a means to appreciate what it is you have. Well something like that and I can't remember which philosopher it was. TWD is like that, it made me remember what is important and likewise it made me think that a game that makes me more emotionally invested is something I want.

  • This game, and general zombie scenario building, has affected me in the sense that I now believe intellligence is clearly just a tool for a person's beliefs and perspective. So now when I think someone is 'smart' because of what they did, I wonder more about why they decided to do something that particular way and not just assume that doing smart things is somehow something they consistently do in most areas of their lives.

    That of course leads to more questions of whether or not they were shown because someone decided to or if they figured it out on their own, which, from what I now figure, matters a lot where survival is concerned.

  • I love telltale games no matter what happen (delays) i always play their games

  • People, don't feed the troll!

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