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The walking dead season 3

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Is the walking dead season 3 comes???when they announcement second season they said that they will show the story of 5 journalists from 400 i think the season 3 comes and in SE3 they show us the stroy of vince whats your opinion guys...

  • we'll see the 400 Days cast this season. I am pretty sure we'll get a season 3 and onward though Telltale won't give up their baby. I hope it is a fresh start though with new characters.

  • Erm... Right... S3 with... these '5 journalists dudes and... Vince... from 400 days'. Im totally with you.

  • When they start making a season 3, I have a feeling that it'll revolve around Clementine and Kenny.
    Perhaps she'll join up with him.
    It would make sense since she knows Kenny, and would seem to trust him.

    • I mean in se3 they show us the story of vince and in season 4 again clementine because she was big and strong enough to survive in this mad world

      • To tell you the truth, I wasn't overly fond of Vince.
        I just wasn't!
        To me, for season 3, Kenny just seems to be the most appropriate, logical candidate as the next protagonist/playable character.

        • I like Vince but I'm not sure what he can offer as the main character. I mean it could be odd playing as yet another escaped convict who again is a murderer and a good guy for an entire Season. It'd feel like Lee but slightly different. I suppose Telltale could make him different enough to Lee but even so, two out of three main characters as convicts sounds meh.

        • After I played 400 Days, I watched some other people gameplay's and I was shocked when I saw that everyone didn't have a hard time in choosing which guy to shoot. I almost ran out of time before choosing.

      • I think the cast of 400 Days will probably show up in Season 2 later on, also, think about it. It was possible that Vince wouldn't even come with you. If they WERE to alternate Seasons between Clem and the 400 Days people, it would be much more likely that Bonnie would be the main character since she would ALWAYS go with you.

        I agree with Kenny/Lee that season 3 will probably revolve around Kenny and Clem's story, and if they DO change the main character, then Kenny is the most likely candidate for player character. Or, perhaps they'll switch between Kenny and Clem as the player character, or maybe it will just stick with Clem.

        Either way, the three most likely candidates for the protagonist in Season 3 are Clem, Kenny, or possibly Bonnie.

        • Okay thats your opininons but nice

        • Good ideas. I'd say Christa is another idea. Both she and Kenny have changed dramatically over two years so they'd both be fit for players to mold their new personalities if Telltale picked either for main character. I suppose if either character even comes back

          • That's true I suppose, but personally I'm thinking that Christa's death will be the big shocker or sad moment at the end of S2. I'm thinking that it will be her rather than someone like Kenny because Clem's been with her for over two years now, it would be reminiscent of losing Lee all over again. Of course, if this were to happen, then Christa would have to take up a pretty big role again soon. I'm predicting that she might show up around Episode 3 or 4, and then in the final episode, she'll sacrifice herself to save either Clem, Kenny, or Rebecca's Baby. The last option would be fairly likely I would think, seeing as she lost her own baby between S1 and 2.

            The reason that i'm thinking they'll keep Kenny around is because it would be interesting to see the whole story of him returning as a mainly "broken" character, and then once more having to step up to the responsibility of leadership. I believe that he may show up similar to how The Governor/Brian was after Episode 406, "Live Bait". Between S1 and 2, he just roamed, broken and grieving for his family and friends. Then, in S2/3, they might do a storyline of him having to become the man he was before, or perhaps, a better man than he was before. I'm not sure if this would be a spoiler(probably not), but similar to how Rick was in Vol. 9 - 10, Here We Remain and What We Become. In S3, he would be an interesting main character, or like I said before, have S3 focus around both him and Clem.

            The only reason that I think Bonnie would be important in S3 is because I definitely think that the 400 Days cast will be a big part of the later half of S2 and all of S3. If they are important, Bonnie will most likely be the MOST important character of the group simply because she was the only character who went with Tavia no matter what. She really didn't appear in 400 Days long enoguh for me to predict specifics of what her story may be, but she's the most likely choice for if they were going to do anyone from 400 Days as a main character.

            • Good point. Christa saving the baby would be great for her character arc. I'd really like the choice to show Kenny his picture this Season if he comes back (If Clem held onto it or finds it again) and this affecting him in S2 or S3.
              If Bonnie becomes more important it could be fun to play a small DLC for her entering Tavia's community between seasons while we wait for S3 but I'm unsure if the choices for who joins Tavia could be implemented in a DLC. Bonnie would be the PC since she must go there and it'd set up her story for S2 or S3 if she's involved at all. Like a DLC prologue, not necessary but it could tide us over until S3 which could be far away

              • Yeah, I hope we find the picture of Lee and the drawing of Kenny's family again.

                As for DLC between S2 and S3, I think that we may see Bonnie and the 400 Days cast later on in S2, so perhaps the DLC would instead focus on a character that was a fan favorite, but was left behind. The most likely person would be Molly, or possibly Nate if he doesn't appear in S2, which I'm almost expecting him to either BE Carver, or be one of Carver's lieutenants.

                • True. Molly could be fun. We'd be more survivalist and able than Lee and Clem but it wouldn't be overpowering because it'd only be for a DLC. Her arc's potential is good

  • No one knows. S3 might happen, it might not. There might be Clementine, there might not be. It's not a sure thing like S2 was.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    I don't quite understand your question but if you want to know if there is gonna be a season 3 , I suggest you get ready to wait at least 3 years , wr don't even know where Season 2 is going but at least by episode 4 hopefully we will know if a third season is in the makings

  • How old do you guys think clementine will be if there is a season 3?

    • I think Clementine will be late 13's to early 14's... just saying...

      • to 12alberton u think clem will be 13 to 14 that could be a possibility i guess but we will have to wait and see how it takes to happen from season 2 to 3 cause right now if i read it right and seeing this right she is only 9 or no never mind she would be 10 cause she was 8 at the beginning of season 1 and by the end she would of been 9 and seaon 2 what was it picked up 16 months later from that so yea she would of been 10 so yea u could either be right or close to how old she would be

        • Actually, she's 11 in Season 2 because it starts off with Christa being 8 or 9 months pregnant. That means it's 7-9 months after Season 1, THEN it's 16 months later. Meaning Season 2 starts 2 years after the first. Since clem was 9 at the end of Season 1, that means she'd be 11 at the beginning of Season 2.

          I think she'll be about 12 by Season 3 because i'm not expecting as big a gap between Seasons 2 and 3. Especially considering the comics are only 3 to 3 and a half years after the turn. I don't think Telltale will go farther than the comics any time soon.

    • I think Clementine will be around 16 yrs old.
      If Kenny is in the 3rd season, provided there is one, I'd say he'll be in his early to mid 50's.
      And if Lilly is in season 3, I'd make her to 35-40 yrs old.

      • Wow, that'd be a big jump. I don't think they'll go that far since the comics aren't even at four years after the turn. What you're saying is that Telltale's third Season would take place about 7 or 8 years after the turn.

        The most logical reason for why they would do this is because they like to make references to the comics, and they couldn't do that if they went so far ahead. I think Season 3 may only take place a month or so after Season 2. There's no reason for there to be such a gap between Seasons. At most, it might skip over the winter.

        • Good point.
          Trying to be more "realistic", I'd say maybe 6 months to1 or 2 years will elapse between season's two and three.
          I honestly find it hard to believe they'll be able to give a nice round ending to the story after only 2 seasons.
          Hell the tv show is going it's 4th season this year I believe, so it would seem highly conceivable and reasonable that the game series has at least 4 years in it, if not more.

          • I realize it won't end at S2, but 1 or 2 years would still be a huge jump because generally time doesn't move too quickly in TWD. Think about it, the comics have been around for over 10 years, but the story only takes places 3 1/2 years after the turn. There's no reason for it to move that quickly.

            Again, I think they might skip over the winter, and then S3 would start with them either arriving at Wellington/the safe zone, or that might happen in Episode 2.

            • To be honest, I'm not a comic book reader.
              I first got introduced to the walking dead because of the first game by telltale , and then later by the tv show.

              I gotta admit, it would be interesting to run into Herschel in the 3rd season.
              Since things ended so badly with him in the 1st season, it would be interesting to see how Herschel would react to seeing Clementine and possibly Kenny again.

              • Not possible.

                See, in the comics they run into this guy called "The Governor" and it... Well, it kind of screws things up for them. I'll put what happens in a spoiler tagged comment for anyone who wants a concrete reason as for why he absolutely can not appear in the third season, or ever again for the matter.

                • I am aware of who the governor is.
                  Saw him on the tv show, and how things turned out for him in the fourth season.
                  After he killed good old Herschel without mercy, good riddance to that one eyed basterd.

                  As far as his fate in the comic book series, like I said before, since I'm not a comic book reader, I don't know what happened to him.
                  Did the same thing that happened on the tv series, happen to him on the comic book series?
                  And was Herschel different in the comic book series, as opposed to the tv show?

                  • Hershel form Telltale and the comics are the same, so as you can imagine he's a little... Unstable.

                    Also, The Governor is very different. He's a much more dangerous villain, but he's also not quite as well written as the TV Governor. He also meets a different end, although it's basically in the same situation(an attack on the prison), but the battle plays out differently, a lot more death in the comic version of the battle. Maybe 60% of the cast is killed in one book.

  • They'd be crazy NOT to have season 3...

    • Why not season 3 ???

      • No, I mean if they didn't do season 3, they'd be crazy, especially if this season does well.

        • Yes man i am with you 100% "....Yeah season 3 will going to be amazing........but right now they have to work very hard on SE2 episode 2 if its delayed it also right because then its going to be amazing ....episode 1 was very small in duration so i hope they work great on episode 2 and make very actions in this episode and running scenes (like when they said run with w key) and amazing places ...telltale change the screens in game like when we cut david leg amazing like this

  • I dunno.... If they give Clementine a satisfying ending then maybe i will be up for new characters or maybe they might extend her story further... But will it feel the same with Lee and Clementine gone?

    • If it wouldn't be clem as the main character in Season 3, then I think it would have to be either Kenny or Bonnie. I'd say Vince, but Bonnie is the only 400 Days character who went with Tavia no matter what.

    • This is answer to legendary 12......... lee died its make telltale game more populer and if clementine died this game will not be more populer because clem is the main character right now

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