Lost PS3 saves?

My PS3 crapped out on me so I bought a new one, backed up the old hard drive (using PS3's backup utility) and transferred it across. Most of my games have come out fine the other end, but TWD S1 hasn't (and I suspect my other telltale games haven't either, although I'm too scared to look right now...).

Did I do something wrong? Is there any way to recover my decisions?


  • TelltaleMikeTelltaleMike ModeratorTelltale Staff

    Please make sure that you have downloaded the full game from the Playstation Store, and not the demo. If you've downloaded the demo, your save files will not be read. Please also make sure that you are using the same profile that you originally used the saves on. Finally, if you have downloaded the full game, please make sure that you are logged in, and online receiving any updates that the game needs to properly read the save files.

  • Thanks for the reply Mike. It's definitely the full game, I've got the latest update and am using the same PSN profile. It seems that none of my telltale game saves made it through the transfer (the Walking Dead 1, 2, and 400 days, or the Wolf Among Us), because I can't see any of them in the ps3 saved data folder. Unless they're saved somewhere else? Every other game has transferred without a problem though, which is weird right?

    If it sounds like they're gone for good then just let me know. It's not the worst thing in the world to play though them all again!

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