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It could be Michelle (from the opening) that Clem thought was dead.

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Maybe it's Michelle and her group is carver's. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm hoping it's someone from the 16 months

  • Could be, did anyone else came up with this theory before?

  • Censoring the thread title a bit. It's a wee bit of a spoiler!

  • I really hope not, or someone from the 16 months. It would feel a bit of a break in immersion. While clem is her own character now I still feel that I am her so her knowing someone I dont would be weird.

    Also screw that michelle girl, her dying was the one happy thing in the first episode

    • she freaked out because she thought he was a zombie. she didn't mean to shoot anyone.

      • But she did. While she was robbing a 9 year old at gunpoint. Pretty sure we're entitled to hate someone like that.

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          I hope the bitch turned...Omid ;-;

        • She wasn't robbing her at gunpoint, she was merely holding the gun while asking her to give the hat to her, she never 'Pointed' it at Clem or even acted like she was going to shoot her.

          • She totally was pointing it at her. From when she saw Clem in the stall up until she was startled by Omid, she was definitely pointing the gun at Clem. And telling Clem that she would "pop" her is Michelle saying that she would shoot Clementine.

            • Yes, but obviously she would not have shot her, she freaked out when she shot Omid, she was not a killer

              • We don't really know that 100%. I think Michelle could have done it. She may have been startled at shooting Omid because maybe she had thought he was a walker and maybe she freaked out when she realized he wasn't.

            • I'm sure that when she said she'd pop Clem, that she was just meaning she'd give Clementine a nice refreshing bottle of soda pop since she looked thirsty.

              Riiiiiiiiiiight :)

      • Really? She was awful. She was talking all that smack to poor little Clem, a 9 year old child. She tried to steal the hat Clem's dad gave her and mocked her repeatedly while holding her at gunpoint and robbing her. Screw her. I'm happy she died. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I have no sympathy for her.

  • yea

  • Nope it was kennyyyyyyyyy......

  • I think that Michelle does not deserve 'next time' impact as its stand, she had totally seven lines in episode 1, i still think it is someone in season 1.

  • Nope, she is DEAD.

  • You guys know who i think it was? Brie.

    You know...

    Everyone's favorite...

  • I've been thinking today that Christa could be a possibility, like Kenny could be.

    • I originally thought it might be Michelle too, since it would be just like Telltale to make it the person who would give me the most grief about surviving. :)

      But I do hope it's Kenny.

  • Here's who I've ruled out:

    The only two who could be who Clem was talking about would be either Christa or Kenny. Kenny could have somehow gotten out of the alleyway unscathed, and the gunshot we heard might simply have been Christa shooting a walker or her pursuer.

    • Why Lilly ruled out?

      • I can't speak for xboxplayer_12, but I personally think that it's not Lilly because Clementine has no reason to believe she's dead. Depending on how you played it, she either steals the RV or is left on the side of the road. Clem never sees her die. It might be that Clem just thought she was dead because it had been so long, but that's quite an assumption to make given that Clementine had made it for that long and she's just a child. I'm betting on Kenny myself. Hopefully, we won't have to sit on pins and needles much longer if TTG would just go ahead and release Episode 2.

        • That was exactly right. It is possible Lilly died (especially if you leave her by the road in Episode 3), but there's nothing to suggest she's dead. if it is here, I'd probably get a sense of deja vu. The same thing happened to Merle in the show. He gets left behind, and is forgotten until Season 3. The same thing might be happening here.
          Also, what's taking so long to release Episode 2? I'd at least expect Telltale to confirm a release date by now, or is this a tradition of theirs?

        • After two years... i would totally think that she's dead even if she didn't die right there.

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