Predicting a huge battle in the 3rd episode

One thing that will really set apart the 2nd season from the first season would be an important and epic battle/war to happen between Carver's group and the Cabin's group. Or maybe it will also involve the newer group in the ep.2 preview that is sheltering the person thought dead. Episode 2 will he huge build up with tension and then it will all let loose somewhere in the 3rd episode. If there is a battle, it will probably be mostly about the newer group on the ski lodge planning to help the cabin group by taking Carver and his buddies out, but nobody knows how powerful Carver is. They kinda look like guys who would just like to do that. But during the climactic point, Rebecca goes into labor. Clem will most likely, based on the thumbnail, be bent on helping deliver the baby, protect Rebecca while she is trying to push it out, or maybe the baby will already be delivered and she has to help Rebecca and the baby to safety. If there is something like this, I expect more than a few people near and dear to Clem will be killed at the cost of killing a majority of Carver's group. It'll be tragic, but no doubt AMAZING!
Would you guys want the same thing?



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