Clementine's New Direction

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After playing the 1st episode of the Second Season I can't help but feel that Clementine's role has changed (obviously). But I'm talking about how, in a way, she's playing a bit more of the villain role to the new group. Of course she's the protagonist, but a few things that people have pointed out about her actions lead me to believe she could also be playing the villain.
The pitstop bathroom scene showed me a bit of this. Indirectly, Clementine caused the death of Omid and later in the episode you can choose to have her elaborate on her guilt for killing Lee. I thought of this as TellTale's brilliant way of incorporating a Ben-like scenario into the second season; she made an aweful mistake, but we can't hate her for her actions because she's a kid, she didn't intentionally do it, she's Clem! And Clementine also has the option to blackmail Rebecca about her pregnancy. I found this a bit reminiscent of how Larry knew of Lee's secret and confronted him about it. This is just what I think, so let me know if you agree or disagree. Also this is my first post, so if I've made a mistake here then please down-vote the hell out of me.



  • It's the most realistic direction. Lee told her to not trust anyone and she's gonna do whatever she has to do to survive.

  • I believe the same, this could be an interesting approach to the second seasons plot. Thanks for the comment by the way, it's definitely appreciated!

  • Yeah, I do agree that it is kind of a reverse ' Larry/Lee situation ', but I don't think that Clementine is taking up a villainous role.

  • True and besides, the part with Rebecca is totally up to the player. Hell, I didn't even ask whose baby it was, I chose the 'Luke invited me to stay' option. I guess in the end, it's just a matter of how you play your Clem. Plus, thanks for the comment!

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    Because blackmail, killing dogs, and insulting people behind their backs is so heroic.

  • She's not the villain, but to the group Clem is definitely a burden and an outsider, at least for the moment. Not only is she another mouth to feed, her existence potentially destabilizes the dynamics of this group which, from what we've been shown, has been far better at handling the apocalypse than any other group we've seen so far.

    Even one episode in, her character already raises conflicting interests for the group: Luke and Alvin want to look out for her, Rebecca wants to kick her out; Sarah wants to befriend her, Carlos wants her to stay away from Sarah. So as unpleasant as Rebecca may have been, she was probably right--Clem is probably going nothing but trouble for them.

  • And this is not what I tried to make Clementine be. Goddammit, Clementine. Also, she's a villain if you make her one.

  • People around her do tend to die.... RIP S1 cast....

  • Almost as heroic as threatening a guilt-ridden teenager, shooting a small child in the head, and leaving a screaming woman behind as bait to be torn apart by zombies.

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    Ooohhh... Dome, I should've never told you what I did on my canon playthrough... Though I didn't shoot the woman...

    Anyways, the child is somewhat heroic, as it allows the shooter to alleviate the pain from another man. Other than that, those are all the un-heroic choices. Thing is, they have heroic ones to balance them. Clem can save one life, but even then, she's still destroyed more than she's saved.

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    Anyways, the child is somewhat heroic, as it allows the shooter to alleviate the pain from another man.

    Oh, right. The killing was done to alleviate another's suffering. How silly of me to omit such a crucial contextual detail, thereby making an act of mercy sound villainous.

    Other than that, those are all the un-heroic choices.

    Faaaaar from it. Or have you forgotten those "Scumbag Lee" playthroughs?

    Clem can save one life, but even then, she's still destroyed more than she's saved.

    Clem hasn't destroyed anything through the actions she took. Lee, on the other hand, neglected his wife and then killed a guy in front of her. Like, directly killed him. Not just "he left his gun somewhere and someone else used it to shoot someone."

  • I see what you did there, Dome.

    I didn't mean ALL of them, just all in these situations.

    And then Lee proceeded to save all of the people in his group (more or less) at one point or another.

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    Well, then let's give Clem a few more points at which to save people before we make a judgment. She's had less than an hour of screen time with her new group, most of which was spent actively avoiding any interactions with them.

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    She's had plenty. 6 episodes? More than what Lee had. And he spent one of those DYING. So far, she's maybe saved Molly (she may survive if Clem doesn't save her), maybe saved Christa and can save Pete. Other than that, nothing. She gets Omid Lee and kenny killed, so that already brings it to 0, then there's MORE.

    Anyways, my computer's dying and I have school tomorrow, so goodnight, Dome ^_^

  • Trouble? I think the only person who is going to make trouble is Rebecca.She's the only person who has a problem with Clem, and i think that Rebecca will put the whole group in danger because she's stupid. I understand that she's pregnant but she shouldn't treat her like that. And i think that Clem will be accepted as a new group member because Clem isn't a person who don't want to help, she will be helping a lot, just wait for it. :)
    Guys just give her some time, that was the first episode.

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    You gotta consider that spending two whole years with a cold, distant, cynical Christa has got to have had an effect on Clem's psyche.
    The very first sentence of Clementine after the time skip is her begging Christa to break the ice and talk to her a bit. That gives us some idea of their relashionship during their time together.

    I mean, it'd been two years since Omid and their baby died, and Christa was still acting so bitter and hopeless towards Clementine and their general situation. The slightest mention of Omid, Lee or their current situation or future and Christa starts acting all passive agressive.

    Clem was pretty much raised by Christa for a looong time, so it's understandable that a bit of Christa's pessimistic, cynical personality might have gotten to her.

    Telltale rushed the Christa / Omid part so much that people seem to have been forgetting that Christa raised Clementine on her own for years.

  • She can be a villain if you want her to, not regardless of your actions. Omid's death was an accident and breaking into the house an act of desperation. The rest of the bad things she does are your choice. She is colder and more cynical than S1 Clem and she'll probably have to make some tough decisions, but if you play as "nice Clem" she's far from my definition of a villain.

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    Hey now, I disagree with the last part you said. We don't know what caused the relationship to end with Lee only that he wanted to start a family and thought that his wife traveling around would not make it possible.
    You call a man killing another man for sleeping with his wife AT HIS HOUSE a scumbag moment?! Lee didn't want to kill him, he said so, but his rage took over. He even regrets that moment.
    In other words that Pete would have said, "What would you have done?"

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    All in all, I'd have to agree. I view her as a survivor. Everything she does, she does to survive. The point I was trying to make with this thread is to also explore the other side of things just to get a different picture and hopefully someone might agree.

    Also, nice name.

  • I agree with you, while I don't see her at all as a villian it is always interesting to try to see how everyone else in the story views her character; it's definitely fun to dive into her more fiendish attributes and decissions.

  • I know what you mean, I recently finished my antisocial S1 replay and having everyone tell me to go fuck myself (including Kenny after the "she's family" line) felt better than all the hugs and kisses from my first playthrough...


    Is there something wrong with me?

  • You do what you have to.

  • Nope. I did the same thing, their comments to me made laugh. Hahaha... Lily's reactions had to be the funniest.

  • Whatever it takes to survive, man.

  • Clem is doing whatever she has to in order to survive...

    Which is what Lee would've wanted

  • She is growing up Man , You'd think at some point she had to , She has seen members of his group being forced to kill one of their own to survive , She's been minutes away from being eaten by people , She almlst died at least 10 times in Season 1 and now everyone she ever trusted is gone , Welcome to the apocalypse Clemmy !

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    Amen, Rest in Peace Lee. You were a great bastard. A DAMN GREAT bastard!

  • Well if the 'mysterious returning character' in episode two's trailer is from season one, then let's hope it's someone that she trusts.

  • Only If its Kenny , Because I don't think she trusts Lilly after what she pulled , Well maybe Molly but the only who's been there with day one with her is ken

  • People tend to die around BEN. Remember, everything was great until he showed up. Minutes after he joined the group... CANNIBALS.

  • I'm still trying to figure out if there's anyone that she even knew other than Lee, Kenny, and Lily that could make their appearance in Episode 2.

  • Well Vernon but she has no reason to believe he is dead , Victor would make sense, The Stranger is dead , I mean theres a reason 99% of the people choose someone out of Lee,Kenny, Molly, Lilly and Victor , Nobody else makes much sense

  • Definitely possible, but I don't think she really* knew* them. At least not enough to recognize them. I thought that she only saw Vernon though, seeing as he was the only one to enter the mansion from the cancer group (aside from Brie).

  • Yeah She Knew Vernon and well Brie Clem just saw her for a few moments ( unless you took her to crawford) Vernon could be a possibility but Clem wouldn't think he died , Christa probably told her he stole the boat and they never saw him again so take that fir what its worth, but for now the list of people that make sense is looking pretty short , Agree?

  • Agree. Yet I still feel that we're not limited to these options. I still feel like TellTale is going to do a, 'Oh! You thought it was going to be either one of those characters? Sorry, it's actually someone completely different'. But, it's TellTale so, you never know.

  • Lol I actually think the same thing is gonna happen !! Its not gonna be one of these people we are expecting , Seems like we are on the same page on pretty much everything there buddy

  • Sweet! Now we just gotta wait and see what happens. Damnit, I'm already bored.

  • Yeah me too ! I hope this doesn't take as long as twau

  • You hold onto that hope. It's the one thing that TellTale can't take away from you.

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