who's the mystery person? Kenny? Lilly? or Krista?

I personally think it was Krista, because with Krista the last time you see her is when shes with that group that tried to rob her of all her supplies, the one that you can hit with the rock follows you and you feed him too a walker, the second one you see in the middle of the river bank and you ask him if Krista is still alive but before he can answer the old man gets swarmed on one side of the river bank and his son on the other. You don't see the last one until the preview when Clem says I thought you were dead. Kenny I can see making an appearance probably towards episode 4 maybe and Lilly could have made it but if you left her out on the road you see a walker chasing her but if she takes the RV then there is a better chance that she could have made it...im pretty positive though that its Krista.



  • Its CHrista,

    Anyway I doubt it is her as if you choose to sneak away from the bandits they stab christa in the leg with a spear before clem runs, then clem just hears a straight gunshot. Even if she did make it Christa hates groups and after Omid I feel protecting clem was the one thing keeping her going.

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    Who exactly is Krista,OP?

    Why the hell to people always make that mistake?

  • I hope it's Molly.

  • I don't believe that they'd put Christa alongside with Clem again that quickly. Maybe in the later episodes they'll reunite, but for that moment; I doubt it would be her return.

  • I'm pretty sure it's the man needing water on the island.

  • They would have a lot of angry fans on their hands.

  • Well when fans found out that 'Kenny' from the trailer was actually Nick, it wasn't too hard to bear... to some, I was annoyed.
    Just one of TellTale's many tricks.

  • This will have them regardless. We'll just have to wait and see.

  • Fool my once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  • Well, there shouldn't be.

    Telltale isn't doing anything wrong by making it him.

  • All the hype for a character with very little past significance compared to the other, more presented characters? Wrong, maybe not, but it would be extremely annoying and a dick move.

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    Considering we met this character right at the end of the story just before she meets someone she thought was dead, I don't think it would be unfair at all.

    Clementine has a good reason to believe Kenny is dead, yes, but her lingering look of shock makes it seem to me like it's someone she saw herself, as he was dying.

    Plus we know he is up north where they meet the others, we know he runs with bandits already, we know Clem thought he was dead.... it all fits in my opinion. It's a natural direction for the story to go in, even if you're disappointed you won't be seeing your waifu Kenny at the exact time you thought you would.

    Also, Telltale didn't create the hype for the identity. They just showed a scene to build suspense. We were the ones who turned it into a massive guessing game, digging through the files.

  • I assure you, Telltale knew the fans would turn this into a massive guessing game. I also like to think that they are aware there is a fine line between creating suspense and outright trolling. And a lot of people will feel that way if that person is indeed the bandit... I hope that person is someone from S1, whether it's Kenny,Lily,Molly.... Even Christa!

    As Viva La Lee said, it would be lazy writing from them and on top of all, a dick move.

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    1) It wouldn't be lazy writing. Feel free to explain what you mean by this, but if 'lazy' means doing the easiest option, that doesn't make sense. It's just as 'easy' for them to make it lake man as it is for them to make it Kenny.

    2) Yes, they did know it would be a guessing game. And maybe the correct answer to this guessing game is that it's lake man.

  • The people from TTG know full well who their games are going to, and they know what we would turn that cliffhanger into. It does all fit, but that doesn't make it the better choice, it makes it quasi-plausible at best. "her lingering look of shock,"... wait how long was that clip? lol :p Telltale most certainly gave us that clip to mount curiousity about the persons identity. And, just for clearification, I don't hope it's Kenny..

  • Ok, sorry, I assumed that you were a Kenny fanboy who was already upset over the whole Nick thing.

    It all fits, and no it doesn't make it a better choice, but it doesn't make it the wrong choice either. It's their game, not ours.

    If people are angry, they should stop playing. But I doubt they will.

  • Okay, maybe lazy is not the right word. But it doesn't change the fact that it's the easiest way to deal with this situation. And after all the hype and the avalanche of Kenny threads, people will be mad.

    As you said, it could very well be the bandit. Which brings us again to my first point, it would be a drop in quality compared to how Telltale handled the previous episodes. Sure, not really a big deal but i highly doubt they would put something like in this in the preview knowing full well how much people will blow it out of proportion without having some sort of big reveal planned.

    Just my opinion, i guess we'll just have to wait and see what they have in store for us.

  • I wasn't being literal, I don't expent people to actually become ill tempered if they do it, though you can expect a few dissappointed posts and a lot of off-course fanfics with Kenny and Lilly making their triumphant returns.... I never said it was wrong lol. But it isn't their game, they may create it and control it, but all companies are not substained by internal revenue or anything, that falls to us and so the game is for us, with us in mind, and usually only encludes things we would enjoy (or be depressed by in this genre). The huge majority of their paying customers want to see a season one character when the screen pans 180 degrees to the right., and while TTG does love making us feel sad and depraived, they don't usually do it in a manner like this. We get enough of those feelings when our friends die :p

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    Telltale has done a similar thing by killing Carley/Doug after saying 'Carley/Doug' will remember that. They make us assume things, like that a season 1 character will return, then they twist it to show that the wasteland isn't everything you want it to be.

    I would rather they keep it like that, but that's just my opinion. I think they will need a much better explanation of how Kenny survived or Molly or Lilly, and why they are now miles and miles from where we left them than how a man who looked to be dying made it on his feet again and met his friends.

  • Personally I find it much more realistic and reasonable that a man or woman had the same idea of heading north than that a man riddled with bullet holes survived somehow with walkers all around, and the obvious body trauma. I don't think having a game mechanic continue to feed you information in order to not give away when a character was likely to die is exactly a good comparrison to an obvious and purposeful hype arousal. In fact they seem more like opposites since one is trying to get your attention and one is trying to keep you from discovering something. I, for one, hope it's Molly; everyone wants to see Lilly or Kenny to see how they survived and how the past year and a half has affected them, but seeing as how Molly held her sense of humor, and maintained a more positive attitude though out everything, I would like to see how her personality would affect Clementine after all this time. Not to be mean but I think I will leave this conversation here and keep on surfing the forum :) See you in another thread :D

  • He was riddled with bullet holes?! Shit I knew I missed something, is there a way to examine his 'corpse'?

  • I'm sorry was that sarcasm?

  • No, I genuinely didn't see that in my game

    I remember Pete mentions that the corpses on the near bank were riddled with bullet holes, but I can't recall anything being said about that man.

  • You can see the holes, I tried to find a picture on google but typing 'Victor at the river Walking Dead' and the likes didn't give me any pictures besides a close up on his face. Even if you can't find a picture or don't feel like replaying that part it is an easy and probably correct assumption since it was a gunfight that took place and he is on the ground, bleeding, and hardly able to move at the site where the gunfight took place.

  • That doesn't mean he couldn't possibly have survived. I mean, his wounds were manageable enough that he survived longer than all of the others did, right?

  • Pah, people being mad isn't a good argument against something. People were mad when Carley died, but I thought that was a great way of moving the narrative forward.

  • Possible yes, plausible no. He would most likely already have infection setting in, the amount of blood loss he would already have would be major, not to mention any damage to internal organs or the fact there were walkers everywhere and gunshots surely brought in more. But it is possible, yes.

  • It's going to definitely be Kenny whether you guys like it or not.

  • Viva la lee and flog 61 i read yours comments and like that...but we have to stay calm and when episode 2 release we see that who it was ....

  • I think we did a rather good job of staying calm. Best argument I've had on here :D

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    I agree, pretty much. But I'm not sure the line between possible and plausible is as distinct as you make it sound :P

    If it's possible, then it can be plausible. And I think it's slightly more plausible than Kenny surviving his near impossible situation.

    I'm not sure Clem would have reason to be convinced that Molly is dead in playthroughs where Molly leaves after Crawford, and I am not certain that she would have assumed that Lilly died.

    This, combined with the fact that she didn't see Kenny die so the shock doesn't match up, makes me pretty sure that it's lake man.

    But we'll see, I guess :) Can't wait.

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    I am bookmarking this comment so that, in case it isn't Kenny, I can remind you of your lovely, definititely accurate, not-at-all-assuming-opinion-to-be-fact prediction.


  • Plausible means probable, having a higher chance of being correct than possible, possible just means it could theoretically happen. And I think she would assume all of them were dead after a year and a half of the ZA and not seeing them, I know I would just as soon label them as dead, whether they really are is irrelevant, like POW camps in Japan that were still active long after WW2 was over, the soldiers there were MIA and assumed dead, their families were given full accomidations a dead soldiers family would be.

  • I think something plausible is more to do with it being believable, rather than likely.

    I think it is the middle ground between probably and improbable: it has the ability to be either depending on opinion and or circumstance.

    True, I agree that she would assume they were dead. But I don't think she would look as shocked as she did if she didn't actually see them in a near death position.

  • Well with my personal description of the words you understand my underlying point :p I think she would look that suprised if she saw anyone she thought was gone a year and a half ago, even that mean ol' Lilly. Plus I don't like reading much into the visual aspects of the clips as they are often changed before the game is actually released. Heck they could end up making her cry when she sees the person for all we really know :P

  • Very true :) Let's just wait and see what happens.

  • Haha sounds fair. How active are you on this forum?

  • Active enough to know the general allegiances of most avid posters :p

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