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Make up really difficult decisions!

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Ok, one thing I love doing is making up really difficult decisions we could see in future episodes! So let's share some!

  • Alvin, Rebecca, and Clem are locked in a prison cell. Carver reveals he could be the father (Alvin's reaction depends on whether you tell him before or not) but either way Carver stabs Alvin and leaves him. Rebecca tries to save him while Clem is trying to find a weapon, and he turns into a walker and bites her. Clem kills Alvin, and Rebecca goes into labour.

DECISION: Kill Rebecca or Deliver the Baby

Either way she ends up dying a bloody death and the baby doesn't make it, and if Clem delivers the baby she has to kill her anyways.

Luke and Clementine become really close and he becomes a protector to her like Lee. But, Clementine still wants to find Christa, because she protected her for so long. Luke and Clem get separated after Clem escapes from ep3, and she joins some cult in ep4. The cult protects her but they murder anyone who tries to leave the cult. The cult goes to war with Tavias group and they murder all of the 400 days characters. At the end of ep4, Christa and Luke find each other and make their way to the cult where Clem is. The cult leader is about to kill them and you can only save one.

DECISION: Save Luke or Save Christa

Clementine gets a gun and shoots the cult leader and escapes with Christa or Luke. Whoever you don't chose gets left behind and dies. Also, the entire cult is after Clementine as well as Carvers group, which is why the next epi is called No Going Back.

Sarah is bitten in ep2 and Carlos won't amputate her arm or shoot her. He thinks she will be fine. Clementine tries to convince him she will turn and he still has a chance to rescue her but he won't listen. Sarah is so scared she faints. The rest of the group also thinks they should cut off her arm but Carlos said no one will touch her. Carlos turns his back for a minute to talk with the group and Clementine is left alone with an unconscious Sarah.

DECISION: Leave (or) shoot off her arm.

If you leave Sarah, she turns into a walker at night time when Carlos is taking care of her and kills him. If you shoot off her arm, Carlos goes crazy on Clementine and is about to kill her but then Luke saves Clementine by killing Carlos. Also if you shoot off her arm she survives and becomes much more hardened and grounded, but dies later anyways.

Share your ideas for future decisions! I love when the game forces us to make really hard decisions, especially ones that are unexpected and involve likeable characters!

  • Another idea I have.

    Clementine joins a cult in episode 4 which is strict but protects her. The cult is always being attacked by Tavias camp, and many members of the cult die because of this. The cult decides to go to war with Tavias camp. All the 400 days characters you brought as Tavia will be there. So the more people that came, the harder the war.

    This decision is only there if Shel and Becca came. Becca and Clementine fight and Clementine ends up stabbing her in the chest. Becca lays there dying and Shel comes and tries to kill Clem but another cult member rescues her by killing Shel. Becca lays on the floor dying, decision:

    Leave her OR shoot her.

    This would satisfy all those who hate Becca and want her to die!

    • That would actually make a pretty great plot

    • Whoa...

    • Cool idea. Here's mine:

      You have to pick a side. I'm assuming that event would be near the end of episode 3, throughout episode 4 everyone on both sides besides Clem ends up killing each other (the leaders die in the conflict) besides one or two people from either group, leading to Clem and those 2-4 people grouping up out of necessity, putting the story back on the rails, but still heavily influencing reactions/interactions from those 2-4 characters depending on your choice for the last two episodes.

      I also like the idea of being able to choose neither side, or trying to stop the fighting.

      For lack of a better example of main well known characters that hate each other, I'll just use Kenny and Lilly. This idea could work with any major characters they introduce into the season however. I think the Kenny/Lilly version is more intense though.

      EG Kenny's group and Lilly's group in the background are about to annihilate each other (they aren't the leaders of their group btw), they are wrestling/trying to hatchet each other over a handgun, Clem gets the gun, and they each tell Clem to shoot the other. If Clem shoots Kenny, Lilly and one other of her friends from her group that she saves from the conflict will be travelling with Clem for the other half of the episode. If she shoots Lilly, It's Kenny and one of his friends. If Clem shoots one of them, they are non fatally wounded, and Clem and the other one escape and rescue on of their own friends from their own group.

      Near the end of episode 4, the 'friend' character is killed by walkers or circumstance, and the person Clem shot shows up at the beginning of episode 5, with the other character taking pity on their injured state and taking them along. Episode 5 is a 3 character episode, Clem, Kenny and Lilly, with their attitudes and reactions changed according to Clem's/your actions so far in the story.

      Alternatively, Clem can (by pointing the mouse at Clem's head instead of at Lilly or Kenny) can threaten them to drop her weapons or she will kill herself. In this route, Kenny and Lilly stay with Clem throughout the remainder of episode 4 and 5. Kenny and Lilly in their attempt to save Clem from herself, cannot save their other two friends from their own groups, who perishes in the battle without their assistance.

      With everyone else dead and their commitments to their respective groups gone, Kenny and Lilly have nothing else to do but try to take care of Clementine.

    • I would put more emphasis on the mercy kill or walk away option. Like Sam, is the mercy killing worth the effort? Can you bring yourself to do it?

      Can you bear to walk away and just leave her there to die painfully?

  • Great ideas!

    Here's something I thought:

    The group meets Nate (or someone like Nate) at some point. They can tell he's a little fucked up but they don't know how much, so they let him join them. However, the more time they spend with Nate, the clearer it becomes that he is a deeply disturbed person. When the group get in touble with other survivors (perhaps in episode 3 with Carver's men), Nate and the others fight whoever is opposing them and it is here that Nate does something truly horrible (maybe torturing someone or killing some bandit in a terrible way), showing his true nature. Shortly after that, as they escape, Nate is somehow trapped or grabbed by a walker and it is up to Clem to save him.

    DECISION: Leave or save Nate.

    This one is a lot like the last choice of episode 4 (drop Ben or not), but differs in the nature of the person you have to save. With Ben, he was just stupid and clumsy, but Nate is truly evil. Even if he is an asset to the group, you have to ask yourself if want someone like that to live or if you even trust him at all.

    I know my description is not as specific as yours, but I haven't imagined all the episodes yet!

    • I wouldn't make it exactly like Nate. I would make him a decent person with what seem like good morals, almost like a Mr.Brooks character. His skills are an asset to everyone, he willingly helps them saving a few of them. Only Clem sees his true nature, that he is a monster, a very powerful and useful monster but still a monster, and you as Clem being the only one that knows what he really is are left with the choice of saving his life or letting him die. All the group sees is the conclusion to your decision. I think that makes the choice so much harder. Oh and don't forget that he knows that you know what he is.

      • That's good too. The important thing is that he is not a good person. Also, since Clementine is just a girl, he wouldn't have a problem with showing himself the way he truly is in her presence, making it even more unsettling. I just felt that the "drop Ben" choice (even if it was a statement about Crawford) was too inclined towards saving him. I mean, you are killing a kid, you know? Even if he is more dangerous than walkers, he is still just a well-meaning kid. In this case, you'd be more inclined toward not saving him (at least in my case) but that would be wrong so it wouldn't be that easy.

  • Picture the scene... Rebecca is sitting on her chair eating her toast.

    Choice: Saltlick her or Pitchfork her.

  • Oh man, I can already see how the 'save Luke or save Christa' thing would affect me :'(

  • It's a different take on OP's Sarah being bitten. This only works if it's someone we like/love in season 1 being the "I thought you were dead" person and the relation with Sarah becomes memorable/good.

    The group lands up in a horrible situation with Carlos, Sarah, Clem and the determinant "I thought you were dead" person in one isolated place. In all the commotion Sarah is bit but the four of you are in relative safety for the moment. The determinant was carrying Sarah, setting Sarah down s/he notices the bite, pulls out a sharp edged weapon and swings at Sarah. Sarah screams, Carlos can't see what is happening with his view of Sarah blocked by the determinant character. He brutally attacks the character from behind. Sarah is screaming with part of the limb hacked off, Carlos has hit the character we know from season 1, they are fighting to the death.

    Slow mo to your choice: Kill Carlos to save your season 1 friend or Kill your friend to save Carlos.

    Either way Sarah lives. So who do you value more? Your previous friend making Sarah rightly hate you (if you became her friend how worse is that). Or Carlos killing the person you liked/loved from season 1 (Imagine if it were Lilly/Kenny, whichever one you liked more). Either way one of the girls is going to have alot of baggage.

    To me all three would die, this event eventually sets off Sarah and she kills her father or your season 1 friend before you leave her to fend for herself, not by choice but because so many walkers separate the two of you. Btw you won't see Sarah for the rest of Season 2, I'd put that in episode 2 and her killing near the end of episode 3 or beginning of 4.

  • Sarah is kidnapped and tortured by the same cult members that Clem joins in ep4. Everyone else is dead, and Clem comes across Sarah. Sarah starts screaming "omg I know her" or "she is my friend" depending whether or not you friend her. The cult leader asks Clementine if she knows her. If Clementine says yes, they spare Sarah but it has a negative impact on her relationship with the group. If she says no, They brutally murder Sarah.

    DECISION: Save Sarah OR Let her die

    Either way she end up dying a painful death eventually.

    Bonnie ends up going with Tavias group no matter what. I think this is because she is involved in a major decision. When Tavias group attacks Clem's new group, Bonnie protects Clem from being killed even though they are other sides. Bonnie tells Clem she will protect her and Clem leaves. Later on when the war is over, Clem finds Bonnie with a gunshot wound in her stomach laying in Tavias camp. Bonnie begs Clem to kill Her to spare her the pain of becoming a walker.

    Decision: Kill Bonnie OR Let her bleed out

    Killing her will end her pain but will upset the cult because there are many walkers and Clem drew attention. But it will also show them Clem does not want her enemies to suffer, and will damage their relationship with her.

    The group is on a ski lift, going to the mountains. Clem is on the lift with Carlos and Sarah, and Alvin. The rest of the group are on another lift. The lift starts to break because too many people are on and Clem sees the sign that says the limit and they realize it will break. They are very high up. Sarah starts having a panic attack and Carlos is yelling at her. Alvin is freaking out and Clem realizes they will all die because of the weight.

    Decision: Push off Carlos OR Push off Alvin.

    Pushing Alvin saves the group because he was the heaviest but Carlos and the rest of the group will hate Clem. Pushing Carlos will also save the group but Sarah and the rest of the group will also hate Clem, but Rebecca will become closer to Clem. But the player can have the choice to lie and say the person fell, or jumped.

    Just some ideas! Another one for Rebecca's labour:

    Attempt to deliver naturally OR Perform cesarean (Rebecca bleeds like crazy and passes out from shock and the player must decide what to do while she is unconscious)

  • DECISION: you come across an old vending machine and Clementine wants a snack, you can choose between either some Reese's cups or a thing of Twizzlers but no matter what you choose it is a false choice and you instead get an expired bag of pizza rolls and Clementine hates you until you can get her a snack that isn't completely awful in basically every way

    • Did someone recently find a hazardous bag of pizza rolls while looking for something to fullfil their sweet tooth's desire?

      • No I just hate pizza rolls because they are disgusting trash (pizza itself is fine though) that would make for another good decision: if you choose pizza you get like 50 points but if you choose pizza rolls it's instant game over, who at Telltale is in charge of hiring I have a million ideas even more golden than this one

  • 1. Another "Save or Leave Ben" scenario, but with Nick and more risks:

    Nick is about to fall to his death directly above rocks and solid ground. Luke wants to save him, but is having serious difficulty and hesitation in doing so because he's tired and Nick has many terrible walker scratch wounds (most likely infected). Carlos is keeping walkers busy at all entrances while Sarah is watching, scared pissless. Everyone else is telling the four of you to hurry up.

    If you help save Nick: Carlos will get bitten and Sarah will hate you for the rest of her life.

    If you convince Luke to leave Nick: Luke is going to be upset, Carlos is going to be distrustful in you, and everyone else will be disappointed.

    If you take too long to decide: Carlos dies and Luke has no choice but to let go of Nick. Of course, all of the negative side-effects of the above decisions will affect you.

    Decision: Save or Leave Nick

    2. This is another Doug-Carley scenario, but with Luke and Christa:

    Luke and Christa are at risk. They are both in danger and you can only save one of them, neglecting either one will lead to his or her death. Luke is surrounded by five walkers and is held by two out the window, while Christa is surrounded by four walkers and is held by one by the leg on the ground incapacitated.

    If you save Luke: Christa dies and it bugs Clementine terribly. But everyone is fine with it.

    If you save Christa: Luke dies and everyone else except for Christa is disappointed of Clementine.

    If you fail to save either: Both of them die and game's over.

    Decision: Save Luke or Christa

    3. This is another "Cut off limb or leave it be" scenario, but with Clementine's foot. It's a hard, risky and probably hopeless decision to make:

    Clementine's foot has been bitten by a walker. Like Lee, you'll have to decide what to do with it.

    If you shoot it off: Clementine loses her foot (which would suck horribly) but has something like a cone to possibly walk with, which still would suck but the infections could possibly be prevented... or delayed. However, there is more than half a hundred chance that she would die of the bleeding within the first five minutes of the continuous loss.

    If you leave it be: Clementine doesn't lose her foot, but dizziness hits her from then on and we can't really be sure what happens then...

    Decision: Shoot off Clem's foot or leave it that way.

    So what's it gonna be?

  • Decision: Lobster hands or a snake for a tongue?

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