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so....season 1 choices...didnt matter at all?

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This is from the walking dead wiki

T**his list shows the choices from Season 1 that will effect the narrative and decisions in this episode:

Clementine will say two different lines when dropping the bottle of water in the restroom, "Oh, shoot!" or "Oh, shit!", depending on if you mentioned the term "shit" to Clementine on Hershel's farm in Episode 1.
When Luke talks to Clementine about her wounded arm after being treated, and you choose to respond "Better than losing it", she will then recall Lee losing his arm, if you chose to cut it off in Episode 5. This will make her say "I had a friend who lost his arm once".
Another effect of cutting Lee's arm off in Episode 5 is Clementine's response to the walker tied to a tree. She will notice the walker tried to cut its arm off before it died. If Lee cut his arm off, she will comment on how that never works.
If Clementine leaves Lee to reanimate, and Clementine tells Luke that she killed Lee, she will claim that Lee was killed because she talked to the Stranger on her radio in secret, forcing Lee to take her from Fivel's Mansion, which in turn made Lee check her radio that was close to a walker in the trash.

So in a nutshell, all season 1 choices did was offer other audio options and did not steer the story at all...............

I still like you Telltale but for the time being you can fudge yo momma.

  • First of all, one episode isn't enough to judge the effects of past choices. Secondly, Telltale already takes way too long to release episodes with faux choices, let alone with multiple story arcs.

    Lastly, the only game that does choice well is The Witcher 2, and even then the first game has almost no impact on the narrative.

    • Witcher 2 did it well but I have a feeling in the grand scheme of things it didn't really matter anyway. I do wish the ending of it was different with that big kingdom that no one likes doing what they were doing because of what we found out about in Geralt's past regarding what and why he he landed up where he did. Tried to make that sentence as unspoilery as possible. Guess we'll see in witcher 3.

  • ^This, (This = @Raidon)

    it was way to soon to tell how much season 1s choice will affect season 2. We are 1 episode in, we can only guess at this point.
    Should any character return however, then i think we start to see things like that, but for now its way to soon to assume anything. Lets wait untill we are a few episodes in to start wondering that, even if we allready know the answer by then.

  • First of all, they never said you played a different story: at no point did they say that.

    They continued pressing on people: The story is tailored by how you play

    You play the same story, but with different perspectives and with different people who have your back, different relationships, and so on. Never did they say that the entire story would change to be completely different, they said the story would be tailored (sorry I keep using that word but its the only way to describe it) by the choices you make. It adapts, it doesn't change.

  • Don't expect more than that, a change in dialogue two or three times an episode is more than likely all you will see carry over from S1; especially since, for a large part, that is all you got in between episodes the entire first season :p Of course there were exceptions like Carley vs Doug etc... but for the most part.

  • One episode is not enough so please wait until the game completes

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    We are in Episode 1 Man , But anyways I think Your Season 1 choices are just gonna affect dialogue choices or How Clem percieves some events , Dont expect a much greater effect because Telltale wants us to play Their story, And considering how Season 1 played out it doesnt bother me that much

  • Wait what about Christa & Omid???

    what about players who keeps telling Clem to be on her own and not trust others???
    what are their S2E1 is like?

  • gain a little bit of perspective, if your part of a group you do as the group agrees or you splinter off and leave the group. you dont steer the story you simply make individual choices within a story thats being experienced/played out by everyone. not being able to control the story by your individual choices is logical, what your asking.complaining about is not.

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