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so....season 1 choices...didnt matter at all?

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This is from the walking dead wiki

T**his list shows the choices from Season 1 that will effect the narrative and decisions in this episode:

Clementine will say two different lines when dropping the bottle of water in the restroom, "Oh, shoot!" or "Oh, shit!", depending on if you mentioned the term "shit" to Clementine on Hershel's farm in Episode 1.
When Luke talks to Clementine about her wounded arm after being treated, and you choose to respond "Better than losing it", she will then recall Lee losing his arm, if you chose to cut it off in Episode 5. This will make her say "I had a friend who lost his arm once".
Another effect of cutting Lee's arm off in Episode 5 is Clementine's response to the walker tied to a tree. She will notice the walker tried to cut its arm off before it died. If Lee cut his arm off, she will comment on how that never works.
If Clementine leaves Lee to reanimate, and Clementine tells Luke that she killed Lee, she will claim that Lee was killed because she talked to the Stranger on her radio in secret, forcing Lee to take her from Fivel's Mansion, which in turn made Lee check her radio that was close to a walker in the trash.

So in a nutshell, all season 1 choices did was offer other audio options and did not steer the story at all...............

I still like you Telltale but for the time being you can fudge yo momma.

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