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Have you ever noticed that?

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Have you noticed that TTG is Anti-racism.This kinda cool:

The bandits shows that Matthew is Asian,Walter Caucasian ,The first ones Ralph is African-american,Victor is Hispanic and Winston is Caucasian.Rebecca and Alvin are African-american you have Carlos and his daughter are Hispanic and Pete comes from a classy family.

Well played TTG

  • I don't know how to respond to this.

  • The walking dead is all about normal people trying to survive. Asians, Hispanics, African-Americans, all are normal people.

  • Have you ever noticed that ? On the car Episode 1 Season 1 :

    Alt text

    lol shit happens

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    Butt-head BANNED

    I have noticed Sam was mixed breed dog.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    You have a nice way to look at things , I'll give you that

  • it's almost like the United States is a multi-cultural country

  • But did anyone notice that Lee was black? Yeah, didn't think so. ;)

  • Hahaha I find it funny that he got all the love when he made a thread about race. When I made a thread about Clem being African-American from Wiki I had the whole community on my ass. Nobody cares about what race or color the people in the game are. They can care less about race. They just make games with characters that's awesome and stuff. This is the type of threads that get people banned like that other person I will not mention. Mods please close this thread it's so stupid. Why would TTG need to be Anti-Racism? They have no intent to make characters based on race. They just make great games. Leave the Religious and race thoughts out of this community they don't belong here.

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      SaltLick305 BANNED

      I was One of the few who didn't give you shit for that thread , Yet people sometimes think I complain too much about the stupid posts some people make , but for the record I didn't have a problem with yours and I don't have a problem with this one , Its good for a few seconds of distraction ( At least this guy is not mocking Paul Walker or posting links to shitty movies)

  • I like the fact that this game follows my philosophy about race: I don't give a fuck about it. All I care about is how you act.

    • Same here. Race doesnt come into it at all. As long as the person treats me with respect, I will do the same, no matter what colour you are.

    • Agreed. It's a shame that telltale doesn't follow that exact same philosophy for sexuality.

      • Why the dislikes?

        • I suspect there may be a large amount of homophobic people in the area.

          • Yeah.

            I must say that it's irritating that everyone here seems to agree racism is bad, but most think homophobia is okay, even though they are exactly the same thing: judging someone based on something outside of their control.

            Unless they all think it's a choice or something, but I assumed Telltale had smarter fans than that.

            • Considering from our down votes, I think theres a large amount of narrow minded people. I am straight and as hard as this may be to comprehend I have no problem with gay people! I know right.. CRAZY!

            • I only know a few homosexuals in my area, not sure about the areas Clem has been in the game, just saying it may be a fairly accurate depection of your chances of running into a gay person after the world has gone to shit (I mean, we haven't seen any politicians yet). I wouldn't mind seeing a couple like that in season two though.

              • Maybe the politicians part is because Lee killed one of the few left.

              • Umm...there are far far FAR more gay people than politicians, the analogy doesn't really work.

                And just because you don't know gay people in your area, it doesn't mean there aren't any others there. In fact I would guess you know a tiny slither of your city/town's gay population.

                • I know a very large portion of my community from doing community service and working in a few retail places, not to mention I have talked with some of the gay people I know and they (for the most part) only mention the other people I already know. Are there more? Probably, but that doesn't mean they are a majority in any sense.

                  The politician analogy works fine, I was just using it to showcase that they are a minority, as are homosexuals. The fact your are upset something isn't added is petty, should indians be mad? Or russians? Or bald eagles? Or married couples (since most people are not married in twd)? Or over weight people? Or satanists? Or pro-choice people? Or mentally stunted people? Or physically stunted people? Or dwarfs? Or clebs? Or artists or book writers?

                  All of the above groups are lacking or completely absent from the game, why should the homosexual demographic be place above all of them? (To add some detail to the conversation regarding race above: TWD has most skin colors covered, but not nearly all races.)

                  If they were to put something in and portray it in a negative way then it may be time to voice your anger, but until then I don't see it as very controversial and least of all it being wrong.

                  • People relax. Downvotes don't say anything about who is or isn't related to the subject matter, or disposition. Maybe they just don't want you talking about downvotes, we'll never know.

                    "Why the dislikes?" Because it's very presumptuous of you and a bold, accusatory statement against the people who made the very games you like to play, and I would advise you refrain from that sort of speculation lest crap like this starts to flare up again.

                    • Relax? I'm as calm as a hindu cow. I rather enjoy engaging other people in arguments, sometimes I do it even if I don't agree with the point I am making, just to see if I have the wits to make a convincing argument, but I digress.

                  • Alright, before I start this post, I'd like to note that I'm gay myself, so no homophobia over here.

                    The thing is, a homosexual would be extremely rare to find in a ZA. Aside from the fact there are zombies, bandits and god-knows-what trying to kill them, homosexuals only make up about 5% of the population. I think the ZA has effectively wiped out 97% of the population of humans. Homosexuals wouldn't be zombie-free as well, so if the population hadn't been destroyed enough, there'd only be a very small pool of homosexuals left. Consider this with the issues of where people are placed, whether there'd be enough, if any, calm to develop a relationship, if the people are right for each other or not, not to mention any repercussions for just being an open homosexual or making a move on someone. As we've seen in the comics with Negan, the ZA is a backwards world, racism everywhere you go (exaggeration) and if there's racism there is most certainly homophobia.

                    Aside from risks, there is also an unlikely chance that compatible homosexuals would be paired together in a group, considering that most groups are small, like the group in the game at the Motor Inn. However, that would not mean it would be impossible, as demonstrated by Aaron and Eric from the comics (Aaron and Eric were a homosexual couple). However, I feel it would be unrealistic to implement a homosexual couple into the current Cabin group, and we would need an even bigger group to even find 2 homosexuals. The only realistic way of implementing a homosexual couple would be that the player character would be in that couple (obviously this is not happening with Clementine... I hope). Honestly, I thought that after seeing the romantic options with Carley, Lee and Doug would be revealed to be bisexual, to balance it out, but Telltale dodged a bullet on that one (I'm not sure many people would have taken that offer, anyway :P).

                    Tl;dr: Homosexual couples aren't happening in The Walking Dead: Season 2 unless we find a new group.

          • Really? Really now? Oh yeah, because there is so much time for these characters to establish what sexuality they are when they're being chased by zombies, bandits, and whatever else is coming after them. Just because you don't show it or bring attention to it doesn't mean it isn't there. Maybe they'll include it in the future. I mean, it's like saying "HEY! There are cats in America and I haven't seen one freakin' cat yet. I think this game is ailurophobic."

            Besides, there are some in this game who aren't for sure heterosexual. Glenn could be homosexual for all you know (as a quick example because I love him.)

            • Well actually if you've ever read the comic or don't mind spoilers, there's cold hard evidence that points to the contrary. It's also easily established in episode 1 of the the video game Season 1. Glenn is not gay.

              A better example would be Chuck. He doesn't have or allude to an established/former heterosexual relationship, nor does he exist as an interest for any of the known female characters. Some of the bandits might be gay, but they don't matter, they're EVIL. Maybe Molly's gay. Vernon, Brie, Clive, Boyd and Joyce haven't alluded to any personal relationships other than being cancer survivors. Vince, Wyatt, Stephanie, Shel, Roman and Tavia from 400 Days might be gay. From Season 2: Michelle, Pete, Nick, Luke, Winston, Ralph, Victor, and Carver(but he's EVIL too). I think that's it for possibilities.

        • I think the dislikes are because you are implying that Telltale is homophobic, not because the people on the forums are homophobes.

  • It's funny because from the moment I played TWD I never cared that I was playing a black character and didn't give it much notice until the whole "urban" scene

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