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Walking Dead Community Unofficial Fan-Fiction Thread

posted by Michael7123 on - last edited - Viewed by 405 users

We have a main fan art thread, so I figured we should have a place for fan-fic writers to post their work as well.

Some guidelines I hope can be followed by you guys. I can't enforce any of these (I'm not a mod), but I hope they can be followed so this thread runs smoothly.

  1. Don't post walls of text, post links to stories on other sites. This will help keep this thread readable and allow for faster loading times.

  2. Nothing NSFW, but then again that's already a forum rule.

  3. Try to discuss individual fan fictions in threaded comments underneath the original link.

  4. Give credit to the author of the story, as a writer myself, I know I would be pissed if someone claimed that they wrote something I did and got credit for it.

  5. Don't bash other people's stories. Constructive feedback is okay, but don't be a dick.

  6. If you are discussing spoilers about the story (for example about a character dying), use spoiler tags. You can have just a generic spoiler tag without giving any game description, you should probably use those.

  7. If your story contains spoilers for the game, please state which episodes it contains spoilers for.

  8. Give a brief description of what your story is about along with the link.

Thank you all, and happy reading and writing.

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