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Theory Is Clementine Cursed?

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Clementine tell's Luke that everyone around her dies. Her parents, Sandra, Duck, Carley, Lee, ETC. Also when Omid gets killed because she left the gun and backpack on the sink. Also I'm 100% sure it's Krista that Clementine thought was dead. Why? Because the bandit on the river was laying next to the bag. Krista probably surrendered and joined Carvers group. How else was the bandit able to get the backpack. Christa probably gave it to him to find Clementine . The group that attacked Clem and Krista was apart of Carver's group had to be.

  • It could also be because, you know... Clementine left the bag near the log before trailing off into the woods to investigate distant voices. They could've just found it with water in it and decided, 'We need water. Let's take the bag' or something.

  • Show me a single person that hasn't had almost all their lived ones get killed off 2 years into the zombie apocalypse and I'll show you the luckiest person in The Walking Dead. Clem could claim, with more justification, she's gotten people killed through her actions, but she's not exactly alone in that either. Ben's gotten people killed, so has Kenny, as examples. That moron doctor almost got Clem killed due to his incompetence in being unable to tell a dog bite from a human bite. Basically, everyone makes mistakes and those mistakes tend to get people killed in this sort of environment.

    In the end, if you are able to survive, that means you are lucky and you should feel fortunate that fate has somehow allowed you the winning die roll while everyone around you came up snake eyes.

    People are going to die whether or not Clem is around to "curse" them. So, no, Clem isn't cursed, she's just been lucky enough to have somehow survived in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

    That is, frankly, curse enough.

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    Cursed doesn't seem to fit this zombie-filled world , But she has caused the death of at least half of the group like you said but she is just a kid we can't knock her for that , She's just growing up right know you can see it

  • You think THIS adorable thing is cursed?? D:

    Alt text

  • If anyone's cursed, it's Ben. The motel group survived for three months while Clem was with them (and even picked up a new member, Mark) with nothing bad happening. Then Ben shows up, and minutes later they are targeted by CANNIBALS. In a week, the entire motel group is dead or gone, save Clem.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    If anyone was cursed it was the whole group , i mean it was one thing after the other and just look where everyone is now

  • I'd say that Clementine is cursed in the perspective that death seems to follow her. And she ALWAYS has to see it. Like damn, even the St. Johns. Almost every death she sees carried out. THAT, my friend, is a curse.

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