• I'll play it once more before Ep.2 but I'm not exactly sure, since I've played it like maybe....7 or 8 times? Yes I did that since I wanted to choose different dialog every time and see the outcome. This time I'll finish it again since I want to have a Silent Sheriff save file! The best part was when Bigby was in the elevator and Beast came by asking about his wife. Stay silent and....oh well go try it yourself :)
    Anyway, yes I think I will play it again, so you're not the only one.

    • Oh yea, Well I won't play it like 7 times because I watched some playthroughs before so I will just play it once more because:
      1. Refreshing memory
      2. The Full Achievements for Ep.1

      And I'm sure you will have to replay Ep. 2 few times to get all the achievements for it . We'll see in Feb.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    Well I personally have to because all my stuff got deleted ( Just in Time)

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    gupy01 BANNED

    I will play the first episode the day before episode 2 is released. :)

  • After the long delay, I've actually decided to wait untill all 5 episodes are ready - and then play them all. I think that will give me a better experience than spreading the play over a year.

    • I've decided to do so too, I just hope I don't end up playing them when they come out because I can get really, really, really impatient.

    • Thats pretty good decision but personally I wouldn't be able to not play knowing that the story continues spreading and everyone gets to play it and I won't untill all 5 episodes but it might work for somebody.

  • I'll probably reply just before I play the 2nd episode just to recap. I can remember most of the bigger decisions I made, but it has been a while so a recap would be good. I only played twice. (2nd playthrough to make the opposite decisions and get the missing fable entry)

  • How can people not remember what happened?

  • Didn't read the thread due to choices. But I will replay it once the entire season is out I'll just deal with the choices I have made in the story for now.

    I have a second save but I'll just delete it when I go in to play episode 2.

  • I would think you would have to. I don't remember much about the first episode at all at this point. It has to be some 4 months since the first episode was released. Im waiting until they are all out, anyway. Ill play the series all the way through, then.

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