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I have one qustion. Will be that game for androin pls like on AppStore ?

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    At this time The Walking Dead is available on the Kindle Fire HDX. We have not announced any plans for other Android devices. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  • So you guys are just going to force people to pirate your game? Because its already been tested on many devices and it works. Nexus 7 is one of them and all the way down to galaxy siii phones. So obviously its some marketing scheme by TT and amazon.
    Please release it for more devices, I would happily buy the game and support this great company. But on the other hand I really like TT games....

    • Ah, the age-old argument... no, nobody is forcing you to perform any illegal action. And no... you are not entitled to pirate the game, just because it's not available to you personally in a legal way. Where did that reasoning ever come from?
      That said, I really would love to eventually see the game available for Android in general and am a little disappointed in the information policy regarding this Kindle-only release. This is actually the first official mention of it that I have found.

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