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Did Luke attempt to kill Clementine?

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Luke almost murdered Clementine! Think about it, Luke threw Clementine on the floor making it look like he just panicked over the bite while actually trying to give her a concussion. Luke then devised a plan on putting Clementine in the shed while looking like the good guy while knowing that if she would've slept in the shed with that concussion, she would've went into a coma and died(no one would have suspected him since he looked like he was protecting Clementine)! Which would have made Luke appear to be right about the bite. Also Luke throwing Clementine on the floor could have given Clementine a blood clot which would've blocked off the blood supply to a large part of her brain and would have died while still making it look like the bite is what killed her. Luke knew this and attempted to murder Clementine by dropping Clementine on the floor so the group wouldn't have to deal with her but was unsuccessful. I knew he seemed suspicious and untrustworthy for a reason. The nice guy charade is just a ploy until he can organize a new scheme towards taking out Clementine inadvertently.

  • Either you're insane or Luke is one of the cleverest assassins in the world.

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      I think I'll go with the first one , I did get a good laugh out of this lol attempted to murder Clem

    • Luke could actually be like Dexter. A psychopath with a practical and pragmatic mindset/strategy for socially dealing with other people.
      I mean he is the first major character telltale has introduced with no major flaws or disadvantages (Kenny tunnel visions looking after his family and gets angry when people disagree with him, Lee has a violent/aggressive streak that he struggles to contain under his kind, intelligent exterior, Nick has anxiety issues around potential threats yet people still let him use guns, Carley was a bit daft, Doug was socially timid and bad at violence, Ben was...well Ben, Alvin is kind and smart but dominated by his aggressive and unreasonable wife,
      and even Clementine still makes childish mistakes every now and then (EG trusting Sam), and has tons of guilt and grief weighing her psyche down. These flaws are both noticeable and believable in all of Telltale's characters, and it is what ultimately humanizes them as characters, and it's why I think Luke might be 'too good to be true.'

      • Dexter stopped being a psychopath after the first season. Seasons 7 and 8? Soap operas.

        • Ah fair enough. I only watched the first few episodes, so perhaps I should have drawn a parallel to a different character that I knew more about.

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          Fuck Dexter Seasons 5, 6, 7, and most definitely Fuck Season 8...

          • I thought season 5 was decent, although not as good as 1,2, or definitely 4. Six was horrible. Seven was pretty good until Isaak died outside of the soap opera shit. Eight was an abomination, I didn't even bother to watch the "finale".

            I was really annoyed by how often they referenced him as being a psychopath when he clearly wasn't. It never even comes up in Breaking Bad, but Walter White is just as much as, if not more of a psychopath than Dexter.

    • Hear me out, I don't think this is the last murder attempt on Clementine by Luke, I think he has a contingency plan that if I had to guess what it was then it would probably be to plant a specific type of tick on his dog Sam (just in case Sam didn't kill her and the bite plan didn't work either). The dog would at least give Clementine Lyme disease which is very common in wooded areas so no one would think twice about it. Luke also knows that if you're treated with appropriate antibiotics in the early stages of the disease, you're likely to recover completely (also acknowledging that Carlos is a doctor and he may notice her symptoms and treat her right away) so he probably fabricated a story to get everyone out of the house with zero access to any medical supplies to treat Clementine. In the trailer you hear him say it will take four to five days to reach the mountains which Lyme disease could take its toll on Clementine. If he holds off on getting Clementine treatment long enough, the disease may feature motor and sensory nerve damage and brain inflammation as well as arthritis. It's a fatal disease if not treated, but it could also indirectly kill Clementine by her being too weak to fight off walkers or bandits along the journey to the mountains while Luke still maintains his nice guy status in the group.

      It's the perfect crime, a win-win situation, and no one would suspect a thing. I told you he was up to something, now it's only a matter of time.

  • You just made me chuckle, take my like.

  • This is a crazy idea about Luke. Well, I made a thread about Clementine possibly being an anti-hero. So, maybe you have a point.

  • You missed a prudent point though, Sam was a dog and Luke said, even after he saw the bite, that you don't kill dogs, ergo he wanted Clem to let Sam kill her.

    • What if that was Luke's dog? He saved Clementine from that walker to get in good with Pete while knowing she was bit by Sam his dog. That's why he devised his plan in the first place. To avenge Sam's death.

      • The plot thickens! How does the can of beans fit into this conspiracy?

      • That's crazy. He obviously saved Clementine from those lurkers because he wanted to be the one to kill the Clementine. He didn't want a bunch of lurkers stealing his rightful kill. "Clementine will die and Sam will be avenged but only by my hand" Luke probably thought before beheading that lurker.

        • Is Pete in on it? He did want to cut off her arm, right?

          • Well you have to remember that Luke wanted to make it look like Clementine died from the bite. Pete wanted to save her. That's why when Pete suggested that they cut Clementine's arm off, Luke seemed shocked and unwilling. Luke's whole plan revolved around that bite giving the impression that was the cause of her death.

            • I find holes in your theory my friend.....

                • She'd be as apt to die of a missing arm as a bitten arm lol.

                  • You're right, it's simple and she'd be as good as dead cutting her arm off, but the thing is that's not Luke's mo. Luke doesn't like going for the simple or easy kill. Luke loves a challenge and making his assassinations as complex as possible. Additionally, one of Luke's popular tricks is to make the person he kills look like a liar and possibly bad. If Pete cuts Clementine's arm off it would look like the blood loss killed her and the group would feel bad for her. No, Luke needed to make Clementine seem like a liar and tarnish her reputation.

  • Maybe luke is working with the reverse vampires in conjuction with the saucer people in a bid to not only kill Clem, but to eliminate the meal of dinner?

  • If Shaundi was here, you'd get a piece of her mind a long time ago, lol.

  • Probably not I mean he panicked you probably would do the same

  • actually luke is being controlled by the juice box, clearly

  • You are very silly, but I love your name.

  • I got a laugh out of this, good job.

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