Will Bigby use the Cricket Bat to get information out from suspects?

Hey guys I just changed the title and discussion a bit. So far we know that episode 2 will be out the first week of Feb which means Stream and PC will get the episode on Tuesday. PS3/Xbox will get ours on Wednesday the 5th updates every Wednesday.

Now according to some new information I was able to gather for episode 2 here's what to expect:

  • Bigby is very pissed off that Snow and Faith died. I don't think they're dead though only the glamour they had died. They possibly got a new glamour because they were hiding from someone
  • Bigby thinks Crane did it and getting ready to push him in the wishing well while the mirror just looks at them and say's 'two friends at the end or something
  • Bigby also thinks the pimp killed them and is investigating
  • Beauty revealed she works as a stripper at the pudding pie bar. She will be pissed if you told Beast about her secret
  • Dee/Woodsman will be interrogated by Bigby
  • Bigby will meet some Jack guy who will help him with the case
  • Some undercover cop lady will be spying on Bigby
  • Bigby is carrying a Cricket Bat and is in the pudding pie bar with the stripper and pimp
  • Bigby will get very mad and turn into a wolverine looking wolf. Toad says ', my gosh Bigby is that you?
  • Beast and Bigby will get into a fight about Beauty's secret

  • Now the real question is will Bigby use the Cricket Bat to whoop some ass, or will he have to do some type of game involving the Cricket Bat? By the looks of the screenshot it looks like he will most def use the Cricket Bat to get information out of people.

The episode will end with Bigby taking another glass of Bourbon to calm down. After that one of the suspects will be revealed having Snow and Faith as hostages for episode 3. I might be wrong I'm just guessing, so I don't know if this will happen.



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