ipad vs pc download?

This may be a dumb question to most of you but if you buy the PC version of this game is it longer and more thorough than the I PAD / iTunes version or is it exactly the same game on either?


  • It's the same game, but some folks are having some performance issues on the iPad version. PC would probably be a slightly better experience, but you'll get all the same content on iPad. If you go the iPad route, I recommend completely turning it off, and then letting it boot back up, before playing the game. The less stuff running in the background, the smoother the gameplay.

  • if you buy the pc game do u get all the episodes at once?

  • I believe on iOS you may get the first episode for free and you will need to buy each episode or you can buy the season. That was the deal with TWD but it may of changed due to TTG have their name out there now.

    With TWD it did struggle to run with what appears to be frame drop with each scene when it had just loaded. It does take you out of the story for a moment but good story telling pulls you right back in. Although controls were very unique but I feel that when in full control it felt a lot more natural with keyboard and mouse. Quick time events were on par in my opinion with iOS and PC.

    I personally prefer the PC. Buying the season is a good idea since the story is good it is the waiting that bothers most people.

    But to you question they are completely the same story. Just down to how iffy you are with performance.

    I would recommend the PC version though.

  • I don't think the first episode flips to free until the last one drops, at which point it becomes a "teaser" for the other four episodes.

  • No, it's not done yet. They're actually rewriting parts of it.

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    'Rewriting' is probably the wrong word, but you are right in that Telltale are still working on the game, so it doesn't matter which version you get - you'll still have to wait until they've finished making each episode before you can play them :)

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