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BTTF Episode 1 saving

posted by polettix on - last edited - Viewed by 470 users

Hi, I have Back To The Future game (got it from MacHeist some time ago) and I'm not able to save, so that I have to start over and over. I looked for this problem and I saw that it should have something to do with pirate copies, but I downloaded the game again just a couple of days ago from your website and it definitely appears in the list of "my games" in your website. I was also able to login in the game with my telltale account.
Can you please help me? I don't see any "save/load" option in the menu that appears when I hit esc.
I'm using a MacBook Pro with 10.9

Regards, Flavio.

Well... nevermind. I just restarted and now I get the Save option. Go figure!

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