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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    You make some good points here , It would definitely give his death more importance , It felt like they just wanted to get rid of him for god's sake

  • Yeah, I think you're right. Though, it would make feel like shit afterwards, lol.

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    Viva-La-Lee BANNED

    I agree, while Omids death was to get him out of the way to set up the rest of the episode, and to set up the symbolism of Hope dying at the very beginning, it felt boring. I liked his character in S1 but there wasn't enough there in S2 to honestly make me sad he died... I'll miss him, but his actual death scene was pretty bland.

  • The only reason we would have taken the gun is because we know it's a game and know something bad is about to happen.
    In real life I think most people would have left the gun on the counter. The odds of some stranger coming in in the few seconds it takes to grab the botle are negligible.

    I think a choice between hiding or going for the gun when Michelle enters would have been okay though.

  • Wanna know how I deal with deaths in the Walking Dead? I'm look at the screen for a while and then proceed to say

    Alt text

  • I think I was more bothered by how quickly he died than anything. I know it was going for shock value, but losing him so abruptly didn't leave much room for feeling any impact from it.

    More personalization of the scene would have been nice, but I guess it's supposed to cement the idea of what gravity any little mistake can have before Clementine is forced to be able to stand on her own.

  • Yeah, that is my problem with Omid's death. They killed him off for shock value pretty much. Yes, killing characters for shock value works sometimes like for example Carley but it won't work forever, it will get annoying sooner or later. I thought that Omid and Christa will have some big roles in this season considering they survived in season 1 but no, Telltale just killed Omid and Christa's fate is unknown so then Clementine can take care of herself. They should of made a Omid or Christa choice by the end of episode 1 instead of Nick or Pete or have Omid die in episode 3 or I don't know.

  • For me I felt they were done with Omids character, However they realised they had to kill him or people would keep asking about him.

    I do agree with how you could change the event a little though. I feel that scene really should have been a part of 400 days so we get a little scene with clem at the end before jumping to season 2

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