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The Walking Dead Season 2 Predictions/Theory Thread (New: A House Divided Trailer Analysis)

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NOTE: This has moved far beyond this one theory, there are several others in the thread, and I encourage you to take a look at them if you are interested. It will be updated fairly regularly, the theories so far include:

Possible Characters in Season 2

Season 2 Slides Discussion

Evolution of Characters

Possible Comic Crossover Characters

Relationships, Possible and Existing

A House Divided Trailer Analysis

Based on the information I have, and of course just my own opinions, here are some of my predictions for the rest of Season 2

Kenny: Okay, first off, I believe that Kenny will be alive in Season 2. It's not too unbelievable that he could escape in either scenario, and from there on, he probably would have heard of the same sanctuary in Wellington that Clem, Christa, and Omid heard about. Or, and this is what I think is more likely, he escaped Savannah and just kind of... Walked. For anyone who watches the TV Show, remember episode 406, "Live Bait". That episode started off with The Governor/Brian just walking on his own for several months. Perhaps after losing his family, and his best friend(determinant), Kenny became a much more "broken" man, and just walked for many months until he came across a group of people. This group might have made him focus on something again, and from that point on, they head to Wellington.

I picture Kenny returning as a more weary and sadder character, and that might even be his role for the rest of S2. After meeting him and his group("I thought you were dead!"), Kenny explains what happened, and from that point onwards, the two groups might merge, or at the very least, Kenny will join with Clem's group. Kenny from that point onward, will probably act as a fairly productive member of the group, and a close friend to Clem, but he will still be kind of... Broken.

Slowly, Kenny will become a more important character, and after Carlos dies(I do believe Carlos will die at some point, I just don't see him making it to S3) Kenny steps up to the responsibility of being the leader once more.

As a side note, I think Kenny will survive until S3, and that from there on out, the story will focus on both him and Clem. If not, I still think that he'll survive until S3, but if they don't decide to make him just as important as Clem, then he'll be the big "sad death" in S3.

Christa: I also think that Christa survived, although perhaps your choice determines if she had some kind of serious injury(leaving her results in her being shot, but not dying). The reason I think that she probably lived in simple; Rebecca's Baby. Does nobody else get the feeling that they're saving Christa for some events with the baby? Perhaps you find her in E3 or 4, and then your close group would consist of Luke, Pete(?), Kenny, and her. By the final episode, Rebecca's baby would be in danger(I don't see Rebecca herself living past E4 at the latest), and then Christa sacrifices herself to save the baby. That way, her death would be the big sad moment at the end of the Season, similar to how Lee's death was the death you cared about most in Season 1. Besides being another close friend for Clem who will die at the end of the Season, I don't think that there would be much else in store for Christa.

Lilly: I also believe that Lilly will make an appearance in S2 at some point, perhaps in E4 or maybe even 3. Hey, maybe she even saves Christa. Regardless, I think that after she's had time to process her father's death, she'll become a much more hardened 'survivalist' type of character. I'm not sure if she'd have a group of people, because I also think that after what happened in S1, she'd be much less trusting of people, even less than she was in S1.

When she returns, I see two important events happening with her character. The first being that she would confront Kenny. She'd try and convince the group and Clem what a horrible person he is, greatly exaggerating the things he did(not that he didn't do any bad things). At this point, Clem would have the option of supporting Lilly, or defending Kenny. Kenny's reaction would be a big part of his character, because the Kenny we know would be angry, but I think that S2 Kenny would just be like, "Whatever, let's leave the past in the past", and want to not fight lilly anymore. Lilly, of course, would call bulslhit on Kenny's response.

The second important event I see happening with her character would involve redemption. Specifically, if she cares about it or not. I'm not optimistic about this, but I think it would be cool if Telltale let this be determined by your choices. For example, if she murdered Carley and was kicked out of the group, she wouldn't care about redemption one bit. However, if she killed doug and stole the RV, then she might be sorry, and would want a shot at redemption in Clem's eyes(Either way, I don't think she'd care about what Kenny thinks of her). If she wants a chance at redemption, then Clem would have the option of forgiving her, or of course, not forgiving her.

As for her end... Well, I think there's two options. One, she actually survives until Season 3 and dies sometime then, which I don't think is likely. Or two, her survivalist attitude gets her killed somehow. Maybe when they meet Carver's people(or some other people), she goes off on one of them, and Carver/random villain has her gunned down as an example to everyone else. I think this is actually pretty likely. Then again, maybe if Clem forgave her, or if she got redemption, she wouldn't do this, but would probably be selected to be killed as an example anyway. The difference being that she'd have a saddr death scene if you forgave her.

Now, as for everyone else, I do think that Carver's group will be the main villain, but I also think that there will be a little more complexity to the situation than there was with say, the St. Johns.

I also think that the cast of 400 Days WILL be important, and also that the people that didn't go with Tavia will never be seen again. I honestly think that your choices in 400 Days will matter. They may show up around E4, because it looks like they might be preparing for war from the slide at least. Maybe the 400 Days people show up and agree to help you take out Carver's group.

My big prediction as for what will happen with Carver's group is that they will eventually fight each other, and then in Episode 5, the remaining survivors, who I think will consist of Clem, Kenny, Luke(?), Lilly(????), Alvin, Sarah, 400 Days Cast, and various characters we haven't met yet, will flee to somewhere else, perhaps eventually trying to make it the rest of the way to Wellington.

If you have other predictions, or questions about mine, then please comment, I'd love to see what all of you think.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    Good theories you made here, I loved that part where you had to choose to support kenny or Lilly and the Christa idea , Good thinking

  • Yes good theories man I like the fact that you even backed them up and explained them. Nice job

  • I also thought it would be Lilly.

  • I want to go through what I think each of the slides will be, and I figure I should just use this discussion, rather than create a new one.

    Episode 2: A House Divided: This slide is interesting, it shows two people at what I assume is a ski resort, one of them is looking through a pair of binoculars, whilst the other is patrolling with a rifle in their arms(I can't really tell if the person in the background is a man or a woman, can anyone else?). In the previews, we see a scene where Clem's group is arguing with another group, and it sounds like the other group think that Clem and the others are bandits or robbers. We don't see anyone from the other group, but what we DO see is that ski resort again. I don't think it's much of a leap to assume that the people on the slide are members of the other group.

    As I've said before, I think that Kenny probably joined up with another group, so perhaps he is part of this group. If I'm right, then I believe that the two groups will merge, and they might stay at the ski resort for the rest of the episode. However, with both groups merged together, that creates for a very large cast of characters, especially if we're going to see the 400 Days people and Christa and Lilly anytime soon, so maybe there will be an attack by Carver's group?

    Think back to the preview again, they left the cabin, why would that be? Maybe the person that came to the cabin was there to threaten them, or maybe Kenny's(?) group have already angered Carver and his people. Then again, there could just be a walker attack. No matter what happens, I feel like we're looking at some deaths here. It's too early for Carlos to die, so some people from the ski resort group might be gone, and then maybe Alvin will be injured.

    Another thing that might happen, although i'm not sure if it's too likely or not, is that Rebecca could be kidnapped, and that's why she's in the situation that she's in in the next slide. Speaking of the next slide...

    Episode 3: In Harm's Way: This slide shows Rebecca and Clementine in a dark room, seemingly alone(Although, Clem is looking behind her, maybe at a third person?). I'm not sure if Rebecca being kidnapped is likely, but it does appear that they're in a bad situation. The two things that I think have happened are this.

    One, Rebecca was in fact kidnapped by Carver's group, and so the new group goes on a rescue mission. Something goes wrong and the group gets separated, leaving Clem, Rebecca, and possibly unknown person alone. Rebecca goes into labor while the crisis is still going on.

    Or, Two, The group survives the attack and tries to leave as soon as possible. They continue to Wellington, but are attacked by something. The group gets separated, and Clem, Rebecca, and possibly unknown person take shelter in a building. Rebecca goes into labor while the crisis is still going on.

    Now, onto this third person, as I said above, I believe that Christa will make a reappearance in this episode, so maybe earlier in the episode, they run into Christa. Christa then helps clementine deliver the baby, which of course, would add much more emotion to an already emotional and dramatic scene. Or, it is just Clem and Rebecca. If Christa isn't there, then I don't think there'd be a third person, no one else really fits in that scene.

    Also, Rebecca may die in childbirth. I don't see her lasting too long past this episode, maybe long enough to apologize to Clem.

    Episode 4: Amid the Ruins: This slide shows Clem painting streaks of blood(?) on her face at night while surrounded by people who are mostly only silhouettes. I say mostly, because immediately to the right is Eddie from Wyatt's story in 400 Days. This leads to one of the biggest things I think will happen in this episode, we meet up with the 400 Days cast + Eddie. As I said above, I believe this slide shows them preparing for war. That blood that Clem is putting on her face is war paint. Clearly, something happens either early in the episode or late in Episode 3 that causes Clem's group to believe that they need to fight Carver's group instead of running. After meeting up with the 400 Days people, they will finally have the manpower to do this(at the very least they get Bonnie, Eddie, and Tavia, three whole new people. At most, they have seven).

    Now, again with the big cast. Some people will probably die in this fight, and it will probably be up to the player and their choices to save at least the people from the 400 Days cast. The only people I think will survive no matter what in that equation is either Eddie or Bonnie. Tavia, I think will die no matter what.

    Aside from 400 Days people, I think we'll get a lot more deaths in the episode including: Carlos(Remember about Kenny being the leader?), Nick(I think Pete may last longer, because I do not believe he'll be in the fight. This may be a good chance for Telltale to do some actual minor story branching), Alvin(but only if he actually is in the fight. If, like I predicted, he becomes injured earlier, then I think he'll be resting at base along with Sarah and Pete), the rest of Kenny's group, if any survive to this point, and, like I said before, Tavia, and either Bonnie or Eddie(Maybe a choice?).

    Everyone else I think it will be up to Clem to save, although, I do believe at least a few people in the 400 Days cast will die no matter what.

    This war probably won't be over by Episode 4, and may continue over into Episode 5, but I think the biggest thing that will happen this episode will be Carver's death, or at the very least, the destruction of a lot of his group, or, maybe Clementine's group loses. This leads to two equally likely options(in my mind) as to what will happen in the final episode.

    Episode 5: No Going Back: This slide shows a road leading to a city off in the background. There is a dead/frozen walker with a gold tooth(maybe Carver's got a gold tooth?) in the snow. The road is littered with abandoned cars covered in snow, and it looks to be in the middle of winter, as per all the snow. The two things that I think will happen in this episode are...

    One, Carver is dead(Or maybe he got away), his group is scattered. However, both sides suffered heavy loses. There is no point continuing the war(We may still be in a "battle" when the episode starts, but it will probably be the last in a very short war), and now, Clementine and the group, now headed by Kenny, are on the road to Wellington(the buildings in the distance)

    Two, Clementine and the other's lost! Carver(who may still be dead and be replaced by some random villain) and his group are in pursuit of them as they flee. They don't have much time, and Kenny makes the decision to just run, run away and go to the safe haven in Wellington.

    From here, Episode 5 will be them on the road to Wellington in the dead of winter. Depending on what happened in Episode 4, they may be chased by Carver's group, or they may just be dealing with the cold and Walkers.

    Either way, I think that we'll be left with a situation where they are being chased by a large group of walkers, their ammo and resources exhausted by the war in the previous episode, they just have to run. At some point, Christa, who is now caring for the baby, has injured her leg. She thinks that she won't make it, so she quickly hands to baby to either Clem/Kenny, and then let's herself be devoured by walkers, giving the remaining survivors enough time to escape.

    Even if it doesn't happen that way, Christa will sacrifice herself to save the baby. The best, most poetic ending for her.

    The rest of the episode will be mostly over, and the Season will end with them close to Wellington, now scarred and traumatized after all they've been through in this Season.

    Again, please tell me what you think of these predictions, and feel free to make some of your own!

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      SaltLick305 BANNED

      That would be a good finish since it would leave the door open for Season 3

      • Yep, they're probably going to do something similar to the Alexandria story arc in the comics for Season 3 when/if they get to Wellington. In fact, I can very easily see Kenny taking the role of Rick in that situation, and Clem taking the role of either Carl or Sophia(depending on your choices. Sophia was happy at Alexandria, and was a kid again, Carl viewed it all as a facade. I can easily see Clementine being either, depending on if you were more of a survivalist character or not).

    • Pretty cool. The last part almost made me cry. Great idea and I wouldn't be surprised if TTG makes it that way. IMO it would be much better than Lee dying.

    • These theories are really well written and thought out. Honestly don't disagree with anything, but I'm very certain that Rebecca and Clem are trapped. The overlay on slide 3 shows jail cell bars and I really can't think why they would be behind bars unless they were in a bad situation with walkers or most likely Carver locking them in there. I wonder why Carver would do that though... like you said, they might be using Rebecca and Clem to negiotate with the cabin group for supplies or maybe for a more disturbing purpose.

      • My personal thoughts are that maybe Rebecca's baby is Carver's, and that he's keeping them there for Rebecca to have her baby. From that point on... Well, I'm not sure actually. If Carver is a more neutral villain, he may just keep them locked up. If he turns out to be totally evil, then he'll probably try and kill them.

    • Can't say I disagree with you on any of that. Great ideas, and I, personally, think it would be the perfect ending if they were to all make it to Wellington.

  • Huh... I was actually hoping that there'd be more actual discussion resulting from this threat. does no one else think my theories could be wrong, want to make their own? Okay then.

  • Damn, i sure miss a thread like this, have my like good sir!

    That's a great theory you got there, i like the broken Kenny idea, .just roaming around trying to find a reason to keep on going.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    Since people dont seem to wanna share their thoughts im gonna share mine, Im going out on a limp here and say the person thats gonna return next episode is Victor,Last time you saw him he was basically dying and a horde of walker was approaching him, He would make a lot of sense, Its either Him or Kenny. Its not Christa because Clementkne herself says that she thinks she is still alive amd will find her,And its not Lilly because she has no reason to believe she died, even if you left her behind everyone knows how tough she is and she can more than take care of herself out there , In the preview you even see that mystery person is with a group of bandits, He makes the more sense

    • I don't think it will be Victor because, well, he's just some random character. Also, he was shot several times, and as you said, walkers were everywhere. He looked to be on the verge of death.

      As for that group in the previews being bandits, well, I don't think they were. If you listen closely, then you hear that the other group thinks that Clem's group are robbers.

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        SaltLick305 BANNED

        Im not choosing the person on whether they are big time names like everybody is expecting or Side Characters, Im choosing based on facts and as of now The only 2 people that make sense in my opinion are Victor and Kenny

        • I get that, but still, I don't see any way that Victor could've made it out of there.

          Also, I thought he died before the walkers showed up, or at the very least passed out, which means that he would be eaten.

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            SaltLick305 BANNED

            No Clementine just stopped talking to him becausd Pete screamed when he got bit, And the fact that he was such in a harsh situation like you just said does nothing but prove my point right, That is how someone is really presumed dead,Supposedly Kenny escaped more than 50 walker while being trapped in a room or alley so IMO a guy playing dead at a river with a lot of space to get away has a higher chance of surviving, But hey we can't agree on everything

            • Okay, perhaps he'd be with Kenny's group, maybe he gets away and meets up with Clem's group.

              I just... I don't see the point in keeping him alive. I get that it could be him, and really, it's more likely than Christa or Lilly, but there're reasons to bring Kenny back. I don't get why they'd bring Victor back in that situation.

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                SaltLick305 BANNED

                And I do think they are gonna bring Kenny back don't get me wrong, I just dont see Telltale giving it away now that everybody thinks its Him, He will appear later in the episode or maybe in Episode 3 , When you start to face the fact that he may just have died and you least expect it is when you will see him, In the meantime, Aside from Kenny no one else than Bictor would make that much sense

                • Yeah, I've just built up this situation in my mind.

                  They get to the ski resort, the group there thinks that Clem's group are bandits, Clem pushes her way through to see what's going on, and then you see Keny is there. "I thought you were dead." Then Kenny's says something like "Oh shit, Clem, is that you?"

  • Who went through and disliked all of my comments? Even the one where I just said "Thanks! :D". I can only assume that because you did that, that you're a troll, and I'd sincerely like to know who you are.

    And, if it happens that you are someone who just disagreed with everything I had to say, then why'd you dislike all of my harmless, non-opinionated comments as well as the theory/prediction ones?

    • Right, now everyone with the Bigby avatar has TWO dislikes on ALL their comments. It's got to be a troll, right? Because even if they genuinely disagree, why dislike even the "Thanks!" comment?

      Is it because you don't like the Bigby avatar? Because saltlick agreed with me, but he's got the Larry Avatar, and no dislikes.

      • It's happening on other threads now, just random dislikes against me when all I do say say "Thank you" or something.

        Either there's a troll following me, or people really don't like bigby. i'm changing my avatar incase it's that.

  • Well, I agree with you, except for the 'Wellington' part. The background on Episode 5 is a
    snowed-out Atlanta, IIRC. Also, I think Tavia's group is going to be in an area reasonably close to
    the gas station from 400 Days and Statesboro, so the group is IMO going back down to Georgia.

    • Yeah, the buildings did look a bit big for it to be Wellington, but they are pretty far away from Georgia, so while it could be a big city, I don't think that's it's Atlanta. Also, that much snow in Georgia? I'm not too sure about that.

      I thought about that fact that Tavia's safe zone is in Georgia... I can really only assume that their safe zone was destroyed by some other group. I mean, I really don't think that the group will head back to Georgia.

  • See, I believe Christa is dead, because it is supposed to be "darker", but i think we will find Kenny(or a zombie Kenny) and Lily(or zombie).

    • Did they say it was supposed to be darker? Either way, they didn't leave us with too many links back to Season 1, and again, the whole thing with the baby. People say they heard a shot, but I actually didn't hear that. I'm still inclined to believe that Christa will return at some point.

      • You didn't hear the shot? You should probably play again, while I don't believe the shot killed her there most definitely was one.

        • I probably will play it again anyway, but I generally adjust the volume so that the music and voice levels are higher than the sound effects. I'll play it with all the sound levels at max so I can hear the shot.

          Still, I like the idea of even your first choice to help her or not determining if she was shot. If you threw the rock, then whoever fired missed, but if you just snuck away, then she was hit in the leg or something.

          • I agree, would make interesting conversation with her later if you caused her injury, and even if you did try to help maybe get some praise from her for being courageous (although with her attitude on survival she would probably reprimand you for putting yourself in harms way).

            • I played it again, if you help her, then she actually manages to get to the edge of the clearing before you hear the shot, so maybe she gets away(in the scenario at least)?

              • I don't think it's a question of 'if' she gets away in either situation. I believe Christa will be coming back whether you helped her or not. The only differences I can think of that the 'leave her or help her' choice would change would be if she is hurt or not and how she views you for either or choice.

      • I agree, i heard no shot, and what if it missed?

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