• Well for me, I'd say...no. The past is the past there's no need to cling to what you can't change. They're no longer her parents, just the shell they once were. Well if they do meet again (which I find unlikely) I would end it right there.

  • Hey man I hear ya im relatively new here too but its actually alright here but I was actually scared to post on here at first lol. Good post but I dont think I would go back its too dangerous but if it was actually my parents its hard to say. I would want to put them out of their misery but then again theyre dead and I want to survive.

  • Yeah, its really dangerous and thats past story but honestly i would not want to see them as walkers (again), but yeah would be hard to find them maybe impossible. Damn i cant imagine being in clems shoes poor girl

  • I wouldn't, her parents are long gone and i don't think they would want clem to intentionaly put herself in danger, nor do i think it would help clems mental state of mind, I dont think its worth the risk.

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    Antero BANNED

    Well, if society never rebuilds itself and I'm still alive after 5+ years then I would probably head back there just to remember the good days and such just to occupy my mind with something.

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