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Does Christa hate us? =[ ( spoiler )

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The way she looks at the gun then Clem after Omid dies, she may blame Clem for having a gun in the 1st place. And if you choose to say " I wish Omid was here " Christa gives you the most evil look ever!...

I think she hates us

  • To be fair, clementine caused omid's death that's why

  • i dont think so

  • She doesn't hate us, She just thinks were a burden. She lost her husband and her baby within a year and a half + has to take care of a little girl in a zombie apocalypse. Cut her some slack

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    OzzyUK Moderator

    I don't think she hates Clementine but she does think that Omid's death was partly her fault for leaving the gun unattended.

  • Yes, I'm sure of this. The first sentence that the older clem says is "Christa please speak to me".

    I think that their relationship has deterioreted since omid's death and maybe for other reason that we don't know (the child?). Before, Christa was almost a mother figure for clem, but now she seemed only a distant guardian and teacher. I don't blame Christa for this, I think that everyone can understand her pain, but I'm pretty sure that if Clementine had not been separated from Christa she would suffer a lot because of this situation.

  • well, I hope she doesn't. Clem appears to be the only thing she has left in this world. Seeing as everyone else she knew is either dead or MIA.

    • Maybe "hate" is not the perfect word for descriving Christa's feelings toward Clem but I think that it's pretty obvious that something has changed between them: their relationship became more complicated.

      I'm sure that Christa would do everything to protect Clem and that she cares a lot about her, but she can't hide with her cold manners her blame and reproof (she is just a human!) and i think that a 11 years old child can't suffer that for long time.

  • Well idk but to be honest I kinda do think she hate's us but she feel's that she HAS to protect Clem because she's a child and promise Lee that she and Omid (r.i.p) protect her no matter what. That's why Christa is being a little hard on Clem.

  • I think she blames Clementine but can't bring herself to hate her because she's a little girl and probably loves her as well. She'll probably try to hide that anger until it explodes.

  • She does act a bit passive-agressive towards Clem if she mentions a few certain topics.

    Also when she says she's gonna go look for more wood, I noticed a something going on. As soon as she turns her back to Clemmy her slight expression of concern turns into an expression of anger, like she's thinking "ugh, this damn kid". Do try to notice it next time you're watching that scene. Body language says a lot about how people truly feel.

    sort of like this Alt text

  • Their relationship is probably really complicated at this point, considering all that's happened. There's definitely tension there. I don't think she hates her, she's just frustrated and remorseful, probably blames herself quite a bit too. I really hope they don't fall apart, though. It would destroy Clementine. :(

    • Yeah, Christa may have become more distant after losing both Omid and the baby, but I don't feel that "hate" is the right word either.

      Despite what happened she stayed with Clementine for over 16 months, I wouldn't like to think that the two of them were emotionally jaded for the entirety of the time.

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