• Walker #4... I'd already be dead.

  • Wyatt.

    I'm direct and a little gruff sometimes like him. I even have a friend who's a bit like Eddie. :p

  • I look a bit like Mark from S1E2, except he doesn't wear hats like me or has facial hair. And my hair is pretty curly like Clem's. But now that I think about it, I don't act like any of the characters, though.

  • Ben, Mark, Larry. Ben because I ruin everything I touch, Mark because I'm a pretty nice guy, and Larry because I have a temper. What do they all have in common? They all got screwed in the end! Ben falls on spike, Mark gets legs chopped off, and Larry gets a brick dropped on his head. Oh boy I would never survive in this game but think about my death possibilities....

  • Probably a mix of Maybelle and Apple Juice Box, with a little bit of Save-Lots-Bandit 1 and a dash of Nate.

  • Probably Lee, especially as the choices I made in my playthrough are choices I would make in real life.

    Out of the characters that you do not play as probably Travis, I would stick with a group and then trip and end up killed. I have no military experience and can't handle a gun.

    • Just wonderin', what were your choices?

    • That doesn't even make sense you made Lee's choices so of coure you're gonna be like him.

      • It was a joke that I am the most like Lee because I know that EVERYBODY is the most like Lee, unless they decided to do a silent guy Lee or rude Lee playthrough.
        That was also why I listed another character that I cannot control in my answer too. :)

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    My avatar says it all .......... #DOUCHEFORLIFE

    • :O I rather liked Larry he was one of my favorite characters. He was really unique with his ego and overprotective dad nature. Sure he has his problems but hes not so bad. Lee was a killer and Larry was just trying to protect the group from this potential threat.

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        Larry was a beast , He didn't deserve to get his Head Bashed but Shit Happens

        • I thought you were the one that bashed his head.

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            I did , But because of the situation and I wasn't gonna risk everyone's life for his but I didn't think he deserved such an awful death , I wish i could have done thag to Vernon instead

            • The only people I actively dislike in the game are these three, from least to most:


              Kenny (not far off from Lilly)


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                In order: Stranger,Vernon,St.Johns,Lilly

                • From best to worst?

                  Or worst to best?

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                    Those are the people I hate from worst to best, I dont think anyone in his right state of mind is capable of loving those guys at the same time

                    • I don't know. Lee and his group was somewhat responsible for Campman's condition, and I certainly felt for him.

                      Vernon... He's a jerk, but a well written jerk, who was able to properly hide his jerkiness from me, which I enjoyed.

                      The St. Johns are cannibals, but after hearing, "What the fuck did you DO?!" I can't hate them completely. Fuck, they made me feel bad for cannibals?! They hold some respect in my book.

                      Lilly, the only person shared in our lists (and in the same position), I don't hate her for what she did, I hate her for practically being Kenny. And I hate Kenny for the same reason.

                      Then (on a bit of a tangent, while we're talking about characters I hate) I hate Carley for her disappointing character arc, which starts awesomely, but then sucks in her second and third episodes. I don't even care that I can't share my past, I would rather have Doug any day of the week.

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                        In my playthrough I had a strained Relationship with Vernon since i met him since I told him he didn't have the balls to shoot me and if he didn't help me I was gonna put a bullet in everyone's head. St Johns : If they hadn't killed Mark and Caused Me and Kenny to kill Larry I would see them differently but thanks to them i had to make a couple tough choices so i killdd them both. Lilly is just a plain bitch that went nuts nothing else to say there. Stranger, no matter how you look at it he caused the death of everyone in the group including Lee so its impossible for me not to dislike him

                        • Regardless, Vernon is still well written, and well voice acted.

                          I understand that. I just felt so bad when Clem caught me killing that motherfucker, and I felt like such shit while telling Andy that he was the last one alive, that I couldn't help but respect their writing, and liking them to a degree.

                          Actually, there's a lot more to say about Lilly. Like how she went crazy over the possible deaths of those around her, while, in episode 4, Kenny goes crazy because of his own family's deaths. Seems like someone has a double standard. Or maybe the hatred there comes from Kenny failing to kill who he wanted to kill, while Lilly was either blocked or wrong. In which case, I heavily disagree with your reasons for hatred.

                          True, but look at things from his perspective. Imagine the hatred you felt when you discovered Mark's body. Now imagine that hatred, if Mark was your wife and child. Lee's group created a huge divide between Campman's family, causing his wife and daughter to leave him, causing them to die. He has more than enough reason to kill everyone in Lee's group (aside from Lee, if he didn't steal) and enjoy doing it. The fact that he showed any affection towards Clementine is nothing short of a miracle.

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                            If we were playing as Stranger , We would all see Lee's group as a bunch of Dickheads who ruined our lifes but the fact is we are not so it goes the other way around, He in his Mind thought he was doing what was best for Clementine ( give him credit for that) but didn't notice he ended up ruining hef life because he Caused the death of the person she most cared about , Along with Kenny and Ben whom she also trusted and cared about

                            • That shouldn't matter. How a character treats you is not how you should judge a character. Fuck, you have a picture of Larry, you of all people should know this. He retaliated for what was essentially involuntary manslaughter. And if Ben can be seen as an asshole for his involuntary manslaughter, then that means Lee is an asshole for his involuntary manslaughter. Just a quick question, do you look down on people who dropped Ben? If not, then you shouldn't look down on Campman, or hate him. All he essentially did was drop Lee's group.

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                                I dont knock off people who dropped him or did certain things in the game cause I figures everyone plays the game according to how theh think its right , I didn't hate ben, I actually stood up for him whenever I could, Larry besides being an A grade douchebag I didn't hate him either because he was just protecting his daughter, the stranger while i get where he is coming from you gotta understand we are looking at this from Lee's point of biew which is why I can assure you 90% of the people hate him , for whatever reasons he caused Lee's death , one of the most beloved characters in video game in the last 10 years and the guy we controlled for 5 episodes , I can't forgive him for that and I know Lee's group did fuck up so you could say they had it coming if you wanna go that far

                                • Let me propose a question. Why does it matter that we're viewing it from Lee's perspective? The answer? It doesn't. We're looking at fully fleshed out characters with full reasons for what they did. What would you have done if suddenly, because of some thieves, you were starving, and your whole family dead? Kill every single one of them.

                    • I actually disliked those characters in this order(worst to best): St. Johns, Lilly, The Stranger, Vernon

      • Except for the time when Larry tried to kill Lee at the end of the first episode. In that sense, Larry is almost a killer.

  • Uh... Ben, I guess? With some Russel thrown in there.

  • Personality-wise, mostly Wyatt (minus the drug addict part) plus touches of Ben and Doug.

    Appearance wise:

    Alt text

    Just imagine him as... I'd say a few inches taller than Lee, and with short hair, and that's as close as you're gonna get to me from any of these characters.

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