Lost receipts

I went to see my previous purchases by clicking "Receipts", but when the page opened, I got this;
"You have not purchased anything from us yet."

I've purchased 3rd party games like Ankh and yet I have no proof of purchased of anything, not even TTG games. Also, in the "My Games" section. All download are available but I can't remember which episodes I've actually bought. They all download, but some don't work.

Its a complete mess - how can this be fixed?



  • Did you buy the games from the Telltale Store? You mention Ankh, but the only third-party games Telltale ever sold were the Special Edition of The Secret of Monkey Island and the non-Telltale games from the Great Adventure Bundle (The Whispered World, Jack Keane, King's Quest Collection, Penny Arcade Adventures).

    Which downloads appear as "available" on your "My Games" page?

    If you did purchase games from the Telltale Store and those games do not appear to be available, e-mail Telltale's customer service at support@telltalegames.com and be sure to include all the relevant information (the user name and e-mail address from the account that made the purchases, which games were purchased).

  • Thanks for your reply :)
    Yeah Ankh was also available at one point, it's how I heard of the game. I've purchased all games through the TellTale store, which is why it's odd that I have no receipts and activation codes for older TT games. My whole backoffice is a mess. The Store has given me downloads that I'm not supposed to have, and it's confusing because now I have a new Mac, I can't figure out what I've bought or not.

    I'll email support!

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