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Possible outcome of Episode 2?

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Here goes the possible outcome of episode 2.

  • Intro with Bigby in the Sheriff's office upset about Snow

*Bigby tells Crane about Snow and Crane thinks it's one of them

*Bigby thinks Crane did it and threatens to push him in the wishing well while the douchebag mirror watches lol

*Back in the basement of the office Bigby is interrogating Dee/Woodsman depending on who you chose

*Crane and Blue Beard is down there too and Blue Beard doesn't like what Big B doing so he punches Dee/Woodsman in stomach

*Big B gets into a fight with Blue and Blue gets arrested

*Chapter two of episode 2

  • Bigby goes back to his place and tells Collin the stuff that happened

  • Next Big B goes back to the Strip Club AKA Pudding and Pie bar outside to talk to pimp

  • Pimp thinks Big by wants to hurt someone and gives him clues to go back to the bar

  • Big B goes back to where he meets his old friend Jack

  • Jack gives Big B a Cricket Bat and tells him to go back to the club

  • Before meeting up with the pimp Big B finds Beauty

  • Beauty will thank you if you chose to keep her secrete from Beast

  • Bigby finds out Beauty was being pimped out and is upset

  • Big B goes into the club with the Cricket Bat and gets information from the pimp

  • Big B does not realize he is being spied on by a undercover cop (The girl with shorts on the screen for episode 2)

  • Big B leaves the bar and Beast arrives

  • Beast soon finds out that Beauty is a stripper and gets into a fight with Big B

  • Chapter 3 of episode 2

  • Big B is furious and turns into a wolverine type wolf

  • Toad is scared as hell and wonders if that's Big B

  • Big B meets up with the cop who's threatening to arrest him

*She believes that it was Big B who killed the people because of his rage

  • Big B doesn't want to believe it at all

*After the talk with the cop Big B talks to that Ginger guy who might have been the murder

*Jack tries his best to calm Big B down and tells him he should interrogate Blue Beard since he was the husband of his EX Cinderella or Red Rose I think

  • Chapter 4 of episode 2

  • Big B tries to get information out of Blue about the case

  • Blue while in jail is being stubborn and wants money to spit information out

  • Big B isn't with that and takes him to the wishing well

  • Still Blue isn't cooperating and Big By losses his patience and throws Blue in the well

  • A piece of evidence falls out of Blues pockets

  • Chapter 5 of episode 2

  • Big by is still being chased by the cop lady and decides to help him on the case

  • She tells Big B to question everyone he knows and last talked to

  • Toad is scared to be around Big By because of his rage but is still a loyal friend

  • Episode 2 ends with Snow and Faith being alive with a new glamour

  • Big B is shocked about this...

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  • Do people really have feuds on these forums? anyway i feel that bigbys interrogation by the police will happen early on followed by scenes in the deep parts of the business offices followed by his meeting with the pimp... something something......

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    Not a bad story,Could see it happening

  • I must say that this is quite an interesting theory, and since this is Telltale, we know we can't absolutely rule anything out.

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