• Thank you for the responses. I'm curious as to whether you've got to start a "Brand New Save File" and play the whole game through again and not just "Reload a Checkpoint." Did either of y'all play through the ENTIRE GAME again? The only reason I'm asking this is because it's rather rare for IGN to get things of this "Magnitude" wrong. Here's the link to the page I was looking at - http://m.ign.com/wikis/the-wolf-among-us/Beauty?(Perhaps I'm "Missing Something")

  • I'm not seeing a theory to test... it simply says that Beauty's head is found at the end. It doesn't tell you what you need to do to achieve it.

    Frankly, this is clearly a mistake. They simply wrote Beauty instead of Snow. I don't know why you would even think it was an alternate ending, there's nothing to suggest it.

  • I just saw this in the IGN Wiki Guide and thought it was cool. Has anyone told "Beast" the WHOLE TRUTH in the elevator sequence? What happens does Beast "catch up" to Beauty and stop her from whatever she's doing?

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