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Gay Relationships

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TT has been very good at giving us variety when it comes to their characters but it would be nice to see some gay relationships or characters.

It's becoming more and more accepted. I'm an avid supporter of gay rights and I even had a crush on a boy who turned out to be gay and started dating my best guy friend! (Story of my life)

But seriously, wouldn't it be nice to see that, and other things like that. Well done TT, you're doing a smashing job so far!

  • Lee and Kenny? And im sure Doug had a wee boner for Lee " I think your a great guy "

  • Yeah, I would love that. Perhaps Luke is ...

  • TT doesn't even give us relationships in the game, Almost had one with Carley but then BANG! dead, so I doubt there would be gay ones either.

  • I wouldn't mind seeing a gay couple, but not seeing them would be more realistic. (since they are a small minority)

    • In a game where we have met over 40 characters already, actually NOT seeing any gay people would be unrealistic.

      • We will say 5% of the US population is gay, a nice bump up from the actual known percentage (last I checked), 5% chance that any number of 40 people is homosexual in nature, those are low odds. Now I am not sure, but I do believe the states we have been in (in game) have no legal recognition of homosexual marriage, so the chance of a gay couple being in that area are even lower than, say, California. It is much more unrealistic to see them vs not seeing them. And frankly it comes off as petty that homosexuals and their supporters (of which I am one) are specifically asking a gay couple be put in the game.

        • I'm not specifically asking for it, I just find their absence noticeable. Sorry.

          And FYI, those figures are the number of OUT gay people in america willing to state their sexual orientation on surveys. The true figure is likely to be at least 2.5% higher than that.

          • The survey was anonymous, if a person found themselves gay they would have no reason to not be truthful about it. Perhaps some just don't want to be homosexual and so they decline their feelings or something akin to that, but I highly doubt the number of people like that is anywhere near 2.5%

            • You'd be surprised at how much of the reluctance to state you are gay comes from within, not public perception.

              • That may be true, I don't see a person who- doesn't want to be gay, won't admit they are gay, or doesn't understand their gay feelings enough to realize they are gay, as gay. If a person doesn't even know they are gay how can anyone else consider them gay? This is my perspective on the situation, though. By the way I truely hope I am not coming off as homophobic, I am extremely accepting of homosexuals in all walks of life.

        • Winston and all his bandit friends were gay, none of them ever found out about each other though because they were afraid of what Winston's reaction might have been. "Are you fucking kidding me?!"

        • I know this is anecdotal, but I live in GA (you know, where TWD takes place most of the time)... I know/have known/known of, off the top of my head, at least a dozen out-of-the-closet gay people in this town alone (I haven't always lived here). And there's something like 30-40 or so straight (OR THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT ME TO THINK!) people that have come and gone through my social circle. Now, I'm not gay nor do I seek out "the gay community," so this isn't a result of that. I live in Athens, and it IS gay-friendly (as is nearby ATL), so obviously that plays a part (in both the sampling and the openness), but there it is.

          And what is petty about people wanting to see the diversity they experience in RL presented in their favorite entertainment?

          • After doing a little bit of searching it appears GA has about an average homosexual population, about 3.5-4%, while your town and the surrounding area may have had an unusually high number of homosexuals that doesn't translate into the larger area of the state and surrounding states. It makes sense that gay people would want to group together with other gay people and your town, it seems, was the place to do it.

            I articulated my reasoning in a terrible way by saying I thought it was petty, and I apologize. I just don't find it reasonable to expect a homosexual couple and use realism (or probability) as a basis for that argument.

        • There's absolutely nothing wrong or "petty" about people wanting representation for groups that don't identify as straight. TT has done a pretty good job of showing racial diversity in the series but it would be even better to also represent queer identified people. Out of all the hundreds of thousands of video game characters that are straight, I think TT creating some queer characters wouldn't affect this precious ratio too much.

          And to your comment on why someone who is gay would not outwardly say they were on a survey can be a result of internalized homophobia which our society loves to instill in anyone who isn't heterosexual.

          • Yes I used incorrect wording when I said petty. I tried to clear that up in the comment right above yours, and again I'm sorry.

            "I don't see a person who- doesn't want to be gay, won't admit they are gay, or doesn't understand their gay feelings enough to realize they are gay, as gay. If a person doesn't even know they are gay how can anyone else consider them gay?"

            I thought queer was a derogatory word. I believe the proper vernacular is gay. (Or homosexual)

  • If that happend I delete this game

  • If that happend I delete this game

  • like eric and aaron from the comics :D

  • As long as it fits within the story, I've got no problem with it. I just don't want (and I don't think telltale would do this) them to have gay characters just for the sake of having gay characters. Keep in mind, there are only two gay characters in the comics over 10 years and 110 issues. The walking dead game is only a year and a half old.

  • So as long as they are well written characters and not walking stereotypes (pardon the pun), I would welcome it.

  • For some reason, I think this thread is going to make hate for people being realistic and be a safe-haven for those here to appease.

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