Toads accent is horrible

LOL its like Dick Van Dyke drunk with a mouthfull of penis!


  • you are so rude


  • As a British person, I don't really think it's that bad.

  • Us British must stand together! I like his accent you ninkenpoop!

  • I'm Scottish and my boyfriend is English. As soon as I started the game, he started mocking Toad's voice, complaining that Americans can never pull off a British accent. I don't mind it, but he's right - it does sound kinda bad.

  • I think it's spot on ...clearly inspired by David Jason's "Del Boy " in "only fools and horses" or that's what I think ...

    Also you're a moron along with you're boyfriend


  • Exactly what I was thinking. Kind of ruins my childhood image of toad though... Alt text What a great movie.

  • Cockney accents are pretty out there already, though. How familiar is he with authentic cockney accents?

  • His voice is awesome! Bigby m8 help me! :D

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    as non british I find his accent is hilarious,in a good way,it makes me keep smiling just hearing him talk,especially when his son talk something like "it has a weevil" so adorable

  • I found his accent brilliant if I'm honest. Love it when he mutters "Gobshite"

  • "Hey hey heeeey~"

    I watched this in my....distant childhood and still perfer toads voice in TWAU lol he gets a bit basil brush in this film

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    I'm English & i think his voice is fine, Asshole

  • Well, he's a Londoner himself, so pretty familiar. My thoughts are that America tends to only go for two British accents - Cockney if the character is lower class, or posh 'proper' English. As you know, there are so many other British accents to choose from, and I'm pretty sure there are plenty of real Brits in the US that could do the voiceover work.

    Personally though, I'm not very good at identifying accents, and Toad's voice doesn't bother me. What does bother me is my partner repeating lines in the bad accent, but hey, he does that with most games, TV shows, anime etc, as well as in conversation with me. He loves making fun of my Scottish accent haha :D

  • Sorry, I don't know the accent toads use when they talk english. You idiot.

  • I'll have to disagree, I quite like his voice and I love the character.

  • While I can't comment on it being accurate to any true English accent, I love his voice in this and is my favorite performance in the game so far second only to the Woodsmen trying to talking after his face gets busted open.

  • " Im English " " Asshole "

    English =//= Asshole?

  • I'm Canadian and I find his accent hilarious! Especially his son's! I think it does a really effective job of establishing personality. Not saying that all people with cockney accents are like Toad, simply stating that the character image and accent work really well together.

  • Wow

    ...I don't think I need to tell you how stupid you're coming across because it comes naturally to you and your partner

    ..well birds of a feather I guess lol

  • That's how i talk so fuck you if you have a problem with that.

  • Meh, I'm English and I still type it as "asshole", but say "arsehole".

  • We're stupid because we notice that the accent sounds fake? It is fake, you know. The voice actor is American. I'm not really sure why I'm being insulted, but oh well.

  • I really like that accent personally.

  • ninkenpoop!

    Better revise THAT spelling. ;)

  • As you noted cockney is used to identify the character as being of a lower class which toad is so in that respect telltale did their job. I think you also need to take into consideration that the prime audience for the series/ game is American. So while the accent may be fake it is one that Americans can identify as the character being of a lower class. Imitations of American accents tend to be either 'southern', 'new york', or 'Californian' ... Because those are easily identifiable to foreigners. There is a wide array of southern accents the one heard most often is probably Texan, but there are big differences between Texan accents and Georgian or Tennessee accents. Most people who live in New York don't talk the way it is portrayed in TV/ cinema that accent most closely resembles someone from the Bronx or Long Island ... Lower class neighborhoods. The common New York accent is not very distinguishable from the rest of the north east or the standard American accent. Anyway my point is that the authenticity of the accent is not as important as the image of the character if they gave the character a true Georgie, Essex or east London accent I don't know if an American audience could differentiate that from a Chelsea/ West London accent.

  • You're right. I totally agree that the accent is there to invoke a certain stereotype, and as I said, it doesn't actually bother me, although I can tell it's fake - Toad is a good character, and Telltale are excellent writers. I can overlook flaws in games (although this one is so minor, it's barely worth mentioning) because for me, it's about the characters and story :)

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