The Walking Dead Music

Ehi guys, i make gmv on youtube...can you have any cool song for make a the walking dead season 2 video? thank
P.S. sorry my english but i'm italian


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    What music are you looking for.

    Walking Dead music or music that fits a video of the Walking Dead?

    I like this Adagio D Minor

    As seen at the end of this TV Character's death

    For a really sad video the 'Dead Island' theme.

    For a 'epic' video anything from Two Steps From Hell.

    Audiomachine is pretty cool too, like 'Above and Beyond'.

  • wow these are some very cool song...thank so much for but i didn't like the song from above and beyond xD

  • If someone have other song please write it

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    The best song that fits The Walking Dead: Season 2 is defiantly In The Water - Anadel;This was the song in the end credits and used for the trailer.

    Here is an example of a GMV (Gaming music video I assume?)

  • i know this song..i love it.... and i love the walking dead,too lol

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