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I emailed this issue to support, but I have been having issues with my email account recently and was not sure if it reached its destination. ( The emails have been coming back to me ) I am hoping one of the wonderful telltale folks can give me a hand with my situation.

I recently ordered season 1 & 2 DVD of Sam and Max from the store. I received confirmation that my season one disc was shipped and that the season 2 disc was on backorder. When I received my package on Friday, the packing slip stated that it was season one..when in reality, I received the season 2 disc. I wanted to make sure that I will not be sent season 2 twice, and was hoping someone would be so kind and send out my season 1 disc. Thanks so much!

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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Hey Mel -- I just checked the support database and we definitely got your message! The warehouse is closed over the weekend, so we can't check into it just yet, but I saw that someone in our office has picked up your support ticket, so someone will for sure be taking a look once it's no longer the weekend.
  • Thanks Jake! I guess they were coming back to me but still got through to your office. I appreciate you checking for me.
  • Would anyone know the turn-around time for a response from support? I am just wondering. I still have not heard anything yet regarding my issue but I can imagine with the launch of Strong Bad today, everyone was pretty busy! Thanks in advance!

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    xtrmntr Telltale Alumni

    I just responded to your support ticket with info about how we're resolving the issue. You were correct in assuming that we were pretty busy today! =) At any rate, you should be getting the Season One disc by the end of this week or early next & I'll update you via the Customer Support system with any further info as it becomes available. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
  • Thanks so much xtrmntr. I just really wanted to know the support turnaround time. I know how busy you all are. I was not going to be home tomorrow and just wanted to know if I should bother checking my email. Thank you so much for your help.


    Edit:I just noticed the announcment at the top of the forum in regards to support turnaround...if I would have noticed that earlier...I would have never bothered...hehe. Thanks again.
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