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Only God can forgive you for the delay.-I cannot

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Likely these mods are going to delete this topic right away because who dares talk about Tell Tale in such a way, the way they crack down on people would make Soviet Union Proud. I stand by what I said.

4 Months of utter Silence. Then you dangle a shiny object in front of us, we're just supposed forget that 82 page thread you locked and the extended leave you took. I'm sorry but no. Only God Can forgive you for that delay. I cannot.

As good as upcoming Ep2 may be, it was not equal to the wait. You had a year to get stuff in order, it was butchered PR and Customer Support. If anyone say's we forgive for the delay.

They don't speak for me.

  • Comparing telltale to the soviet union is one of the funniest, most ridiculous overreactions I have ever heard.


  • Thats fuckin hilarious! xD

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    DestroPyro BANNED

    I actually agree with this guy. We waited an excess of 4 months almost, a week away from four months. They never bothered to discuss any details about what conspired "against them" 4 months waiting online is like 4 years. We deserved a response at very least. Also when's last time anyone got a number for customer support


  • Kinda agree with you but is it really a big deal? I mean, you sound like TT commit a sin or something

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    DestroPyro BANNED

    A little bit, yes. When you ignore your fans, the community that put money in your pockets. That supported you before you struck gold with Walking Dead. When it takes 4 months to get any kind of response expect for "coming soon" when it takes a flurry of people, to complain. If I remember someone created a petition.

    That's a problem. The PR team was responding DAILY to people who loved the game. Yet they couldn't spend one minute to come on here and reassure us. Not to mention they gave xbox users the first EP for FREE, months after those who preordered it waited patiently.

    So yes.

  • i agree with all of you

  • Besides, what does God have to do with a Telltale game? Pretty sure he has better things to worry about than a prequel to a comic book series.

  • Subject19...

    Assassins Creed fan?

  • I see that this delay has injured feelings of the members of "I want everything, now!" -generation.

    Occasionally delays do happen. It's unfortunate, but fuming and ranting about it doesn't make it any better. Infact it probably just makes you more angry, when your yelling doesn't give you the answers which you want. However if you show some patience, take things calmly and focus to positive things, you'll be able to enjoy the episode more when it finally comes out.

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      OzzyUK Moderator

      I think that people are more angry with the lack of communication from Telltale rather than the delay itself, If TT came out earlier and explained that they are running behind and what the problems they where having people would probably be more understanding and not rage as much as there is probably a legitimate reason for the delay.

      • They could probably improve their PR, but then again it has been always their policy that they don't say anything until they know for certain. I know from personal experience that sometimes it's best not to make any promises when you're not certain when the problems will be fixed. However I'm certain that they have done their best and the delay isn't intentional.

        Just like everyone else I'm eager to play the new episode and I wish that the delay would have been shorter, but there's no real reason to get agitated over a game. Besides TTG still can get the game released in it's original time frame (last episode comes out in Summer 2014), so we shouldn't be quick to abandon all hope.

  • I'm not one of the fans that wouldn't dare give criticism of any kind and think what ever TellTale do can be perfectly justified.

    Even though I think your post is way overreacting I can sympathise with you that how the situation was addressed isn't good enough. Say "some stuff happened" isn't good enough in my opinion specially when I gave them money for a product. I know they don't give dates but four months is way too long. If they said at some point they felt the episode was going to take long it wouldn't of hurt to quickly send out a tweet at the very least.

    I've said before their blog is under utilised. It only seems to be used to advertise products or post when they've been to IGN for the hundred and fifth time. Yeah you guys are friends with Up At Noon we get it.

    Many, many other developers manage to find the time to do a post on twitter. Dean Hall posted that an update on DayZ would be delayed due to a bug. People weren't happy but they appreciated that they at least got told.

    Speak to your community TellTale we can take bad news. The backlash is because you think silence is the best method to address a bad situation. You should know better than that.

    • Personally I would prefer that they would use blog as a mean of communicating with the fans. Like many others I don't use Twitter, Facebook and such, so I think that tweeting information would put fans into unequal position, because some fans would have the information and others would still be in the dark.

      • Most of what TellTale say is normally posted in threads. A few things will be missed but major things like trailers or pictures are normally posted a couple of times. Yeah it wouldn't be the best method but something is better than nothing.

        • Occasionally yes, but not all the time. I haven't noticed official thread about TWAU Episode 2 trailer, but it has arrived to blog. And it was posted there very late, because I had already seen the video day before from IGN's Youtube channel.

          Personally I think that something has gone wrong if a third party, like IGN, knows about this before the TTG informs their fans in their own site.

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