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Possible voice actor change-up?

posted by RogueHistorian on - last edited - Viewed by 1.3K users

I'm sure you're even more hyped for ep.2 after watching that new trailer, but I think I might of found something overlooked by others.

In the first initial teaser we got after completing ep.1 we can see the pimp, Georgie, talking to Bigby. Pay close attention to his voice Click here to watch the teaser

Now in the most recent trailer, we can also hear who we assume is Georgie talking at various moments throughout the trailer. Click here to watch the trailer . To me it seems he has a very interesting thick accent in this trailer

My guess is the original voice actor for Georgie, quit and it forced Telltale to find a replacement. Now to me this seems like a pretty good reason for ep.2 to have been delayed, and it seems to also be the most reasonable, considering the possible evidence.

What to you guys think? Let me know if you agree with me or if you think i'm crazy!

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