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Is season 2 episode 1 beats season 1 episode 1

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Discuss my opinion i dont season 1 their are amazing places ...amazing scene when lee cross bridge in episode 5 also very amazing setting like walkers was moving down on the street and lee cross bridge season 2 episode 1 was not too much has amazing scenes like season 1 episode 1 has like when lee running to larry and he punch on his face their is very much amazing scenes in season 1 (running scenes,emotional scenes,fighting scenes) right now we only hope that season 2 is going to be amazing episode is not enough to judge so i wait until the season completes..

  • I think that some of the content is better, but it is only half the length. There is almost no character development. It feels rushed. Therefore, I preferred S1E1.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    I personally liked Ep 1 of this Season more,More action packed,Much more emotional,Also puts you in a couple of good tough situations in which you have to think twice before making a choice,I personally thought the pace of ep 1 of season 1 was too slow so Im gonna put Season 2 ahead by a slim margin

  • Well give it some time. We got 4 episode to go

  • episode1 of season1 was boring i choose ep1 season2!!!!

  • Season 2's was better for me simply as it isnt at the point where everyone is like "WTF IS THIS". I know its kind of necessary but any point just after the outbreak is kind of not as exciting for me.

  • I think season 1 ep1 is pretty awesome after you get away from Hershel's farm. Drug store part has some great scenes with Lee and Clementine and overall its much longer. That said S2 ep1 is not far behind for me, just wished that I could walk around the house and talk to the new people some more.

  • I think they have to put more amazing places and amazing scenes in season 2

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    Omid's cat BANNED

    Definitely "A New Day". Better writing, better action, beginning and the finale. Interesting, likeable characters - Lee, real emotions, funny moments.

    "All That Remains". Only likeable character dies fast. Clementine is grim and almost never smiles. Her voice is monotone. She's not Clementine from first season. Other people are unfriendly and I don't know much about them. No funny moments at all. I HATE the dog part. Game ends in the middle of action, worst ending so far. Please, come back Sean Vanaman.

  • Season 2 episode 1

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