I Think I Know Who "I Thought You Were Dead" Person Is (Concrete & Logical Evidence)

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....None other than.....

JUICY! Everyone's favorite apple juice box. Hear me out guys. Juicy made a small appearance in Episode 1, some would even call it an "Easter egg" if you will. But considering Juicy lost so much blood when Clem mercilessly sucked his blood from a straw that Alvin gruesomely impaled him with. So intense. Why would they do this? Juicy was right there besides Clem through the stitching process, guiding her like a good juice box should. But we never saw juicy die, know due we? The last time we saw juice was when Clem was found in the shed by the group, with juicy in the back bleeding out. My theory is that Carlos stealthed out the shed in the middle if the night and nursed Juicy back to life. He then have him a backpack and some animal crackers for the rode, along with a short embrace.

Juicy then went up north, traveling days through the harsh winter, only to find Carver's group and join them, this Clementine seeing him there! It's only logical!

This can only mean one thing :D

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