• I think she will see carlos dying.after that she and some others like clem luke and the i thought you were dead person are gonna comtinue as a group and cöem shows her everything she knows about surviving

  • I personally think she has an idea what walkers are. When you show her Clem's bite she'll say something like: "Was it the one's outside?". And I'm afraid the pinky swear's gonna bite me in the ass at some point.

    • I imagine that she's had to have seen something after all this time, but we'll have to talk to her more to see how she actually perceives it.

      I don't know when or how, but Telltale will find a way to make me feel terrible about that pinky swear.


    Walker: Guh?

    Sarah: HUGS

    Walker: RAWRAGH

    Sarah: AHHHH

    ....Pretty much whats going to happen

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    I think Carlos could be attacked by walkers and Sarah will witness it and she will "Cease to function" and could so something to endanger the group or Clementine.

  • Could be, could be not. We haven't seen much of her and Walking Dead is a tricky Franchise in Terms of Characters and their Fate. Maybe we underestimate her. Because Carlos clearly is that overprotective Daddy, who doesn't want to discuss about anything besides his Point of View about her.

  • Carlos is a damn idiot.

    Why does he assume he's always gonna be around to protect his daughter? What if something happens to him? The ZA is unpredictable.
    If he dies, Sarah pretty much dies as well. Does he not think of that?

    I really hope Clem has the chance to have that talk with Carlos eventually. Take Chuck's role in breaking it to him, and then Lee's role in teaching Sarah how to survive. Since Sarah wants to be Clem's friend, she might take it easier if Clem's the one to help her cope with the world.

    • Maybe you can teach her how to use a gun and if you talk to carlos he teaches her

    • You kinda get that option by saying "she has got to grow up eventually" his response to this doesnt help the situation at all, he even goes as far as to say "you are not to be trusted". Theres no telling what he will do to keep her from learning the truth, the question is, how far will he go? and will we get to convince him otherwise?

    • Maybe he does, you know? He may not always be around, but you gotta consider the fact that there may be a valid reason for her acting the way she is. If she is in fact 15 and still acting like a little kid, then it's highly possible she was sheltered (or handicapped, if telltale chooses to go that route) enough for Carlos to be right in thinking she would 'cease to function'. One can never know. Of course, it might be possible that he really is an idiot ("A bite like that, could be anything." - What the hell was this bullshit, Mr. Trained Doctor?) and we'll have to knock some sense into him at some point, but we haven't seen much of dialogue with the group yet, so I don't think we should jump to conclusions.

      • When Carlos said that Sarah wasn’t like other kids or something like that I really thought she was retarded :S She was acting really weird with the pinky swear and shit haha :D

        OnT: I think Sarah will stay with us a while longer, I mean, if TTG wants to kill her of they can of course, they did it with Duck so why not, but it seems like Clem and Carlos will have a talk about Lee and Carlos will say that he did a bad job raising Clem and that Sarah has been thrived, later either Sarah or Carlos will be killed, or you have the option to save one of them.

    • @pride - ye but you have too remember it's pretty obvious his daughter has..... issues..... medical ones, she needs protecting. If he was too die, he probably has at-least one close friend in the group who he would trust too look after her after he passed. EDIT @nideX what do you mean you *thought *she was retarded.... she is isn't she?

  • Shes gona die soon i think.

  • I got an idea of Sarah being a new protagonist in season 3. A girl who just started being in ZA in fact and doesn't know anything about how to survive. I don't want to play any Rambo because almost everyone who lives so longly there is a Rambo. "No going back" would mean that Sarah cannot go back to her childhood. Of course Clementine would die. But it's just something what would probably never happen.

    If TTG doesn't do so, she will probably do something totally crazy because people are starved for new crazy characters.

    • I think that the only two real options for the protagonist are Clementine, and if Kenny comes back, then him. I think Sarah will live to S3, but I'd rather have Eddie or Bonnie as a protagonist before her.

  • Why is a random guy dis-liking all the comment's?

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