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Musical callbacks for season 2 (spoilers)

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Lets discuss when Telltale calls back to the events of season 1 with musical cues, the ones that exist now, and some cool ideas for some in the future.

The sad and hopeless version of Clementine's 'Alive inside' theme, which plays when Lee is dying, being the first song you hear setting the stage of season 2, really set the mood for the start of the season for me. It immediately reminded me of that final moment of sorrow right at the end of the season, and it shows how much Lee's death still affects Clementine.

The theme that plays when Lee or Kenny shoots duck in season 1, also plays when Clementine comes across the picture of a duck in the Cabin in season 2. Both of these call backs really reminded me of their scene's and brought the feels flooding back.

My idea/wish:

1). Clementine having her own armed with death epic action sequence at the end of season 2, though more hopeful because Clementine is going to Live.(unlike Lee's heavily melancholic action music)

Starts here (0:55)

The premise of the scene is, Clem is trying to save Eddie, Sarah, Luke, or Kenny, or someone else who has become close to her, similar to the situation where Lee is trying to save Clem in season 1.
Clementine is driven to save him/her by the memory of Lee's sacrifice in season 1.

Clementine appraises the situation. It is bad. She introspects upon the memories of her friends for guidance, looking at her recovered photo of Lee: "What would Lee want me to do?" (Armed with Life theme starts playing)

Instead of a minute long fight scene, Clementine has a minute long chase/stealth/fight hybrid scene where she sneaks around, fights through, and dashes past walkers and a bandit/cult camp depending on multiple player choices in the moment, whilst Clementine's more hopeful version of Armed with death plays. It should be called Armed with Life, because this version sounds more hopeful, and reminds me of Clementine's inspiring will to live.

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  • Perhaps when Christa dies(as I've already said that I think her death will be the big sad death of the Season), that "Alive Inside" theme will play again. And I agree that it might be cool to have a more hopeful version of "Armed with Death"/"The Gauntlet"(That's what it's called on the official soundtrack) play at a crucial scene for Clementine. Perhaps at a point in Episode 4(As I've said on my own thread, I think that episode will contain a battle between Clem and Carver's people) when Clem is either trying to save someone close to her, like you said, or maybe as they start to have the advantage and she goes to kill Carver.

    Also, I love that video, can't wait for Taioo to do a piano arrangement of something from TWAU.

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