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Guys could you give your opinion on the ways Kenny could of survived in both scenes during season 1. In the alley scene there was a piece of glass on the floor and gives an indication he could of broken a window and escaped and in the dark room scene maybe there was a staircase or an exit. Just my opinion :)

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    Antero BANNED

    He just ran like a mofo.

  • Aliens abducted him

  • A family of birds made a nest in his moustache. When the walkers attacked they flew away. Fortunately for Kenny their little legs got tangled up in his moustache hair, so Kenny got lifted up aswell.

  • How Kenny survived?...He was..Superman:

    Alt text

  • i believe he ran because in the dark room if zombie try to attack him we most heard a shout,scream or something do you agree with me?

  • The one where Kenny and Christa fall in that room Kenny could of survived that really easily their could have been a door, window, Hole in the wall or anything like that Kenny could have run for.

    As for the ally i really don't know if he could survive that. At the end we saw all the walker crowded around something with i assumed was them eating Kenny, I mean they couldn't of been eating Ben because Kenny already shot him in the head and i don't think Kenny did push throw the crowd for 2 reasons:

    1. All the walkers where still crowded in that ally by the end of that scene and if Kenny did push his way throw you would think at least SOME of the walkers would followed after him but no they where all still crowded around where we last saw him.

    2. If Kenny did push his way throw Lee would have sawed something. He would of either seen some walkers get knocked over or seen Kenny run throw but no he just saw all the walker crowed around him then silence.

    But on the flip side that could be proof that Kenny is alive because if the walkers did start eating Kenny alive we would of heard Kenny scream in pain but we heard nothing.

    • They could have been eating Ben it wouldn't really have mattered to them if he was just shot but yeah it did seem very hard for him to escape there,I hope he somehow survived as long as it makes sense.

    • Lee doesn't have magical vision

      • You don't need "magical vision" to see whats right in front of you.
        Lee would have seen a struggle and some walkers knocked on the floor but no we saw all the walkers standing around where we last saw Kenny.

        • Lee could only see Kenny run past him, Lee cant see anything past that

          • If Kenny did push his way through Lee would have seen some walkers fall on the floor and maybe see Kenny running away but no. No walkers fell on the floor. Also we would have seen something when the camera zoomed out in that scene.

            • -_- you my friend need to replay his "death". The way I did it was I left him with Ben & he didn't lock the gate and you climb the ladder

              • Lee does not climb the ladder straight away he still stands their and watch. Kenny hits a walker then shots Ben then we just get silence all we see are all the walkers crowded around one spot in that ally then Lee goes back to the roof. I'm assuming that the walkers where eating Ben's corpse because if they where eating Kenny we would have heard him scream in pain.

    • That's one of my issues with it. There's plenty of ambiguity in where he ran to when he saved Christa, but going out in the alley with Ben and closing off his exit? I don't see how they'll be able to explain him fist-fighting his way through a cramped horde of Walkers crowding in on both sides of him.

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  • On a serious note, I think he could've easily gotten away in the christa scenario, there could've been a door, a window, anything.

    In the alley was scene, he could've run, but then as someone else pointed out, there would be some running after him. He clearly couldn't have been eaten because we would've heard the screams, so maybe there was a broken window that he climbed through. That makes sense.

    • Why wouldn't he have yelled to Omid, Christa, and Lee? To be honest, I think they will bring Kenny back and I'm ok with that, but it will be the most unrealistic thing I have seen in this game to date.

      • Maybe he was yelling, and they couldn't here him. I don't know. Maybe he just ran away(which is totally possible), and those walkers were just the ones who stayed behind to feast on Ben. I don't know, but I really don't think that it'd be all that unrealistic.

        • We heard him make other noises but not when he actually yells? Idk....

          I don't think it is that far-fetched, just by far the most far-fetched thing they will have done. (imo)

          • Ok here is my theory:

            When Kenny hit that walker with his gun he got walker blood other him and after he shot Ben he hit more walkers and got more blood on him but he then got knocked other and banged his head and then was out-cold. But because Kenny had enough walker blood on him all the walkers ignored him and just started eating Ben's corpse. Kenny then regained consciousness a couple of hours later but by then the events of Episode 5 was over, Lee is dead or left to turn to a walker and Clementine left Savannah with Omid and Christa and all the walkers that was around him picked Ben to the bone and had moved on so he was free to make his escape.

            Again this is just my theory so just take it with a grain of salt.

            • Interesting thought: Did Kenny find Lee's body (undead or otherwise) and maypahs mentions it when we find him?

              • I don't really see the point in him finding Lee because we already know hes dead or is a walker handcuffed to a radiator. I think maybe Kenny may have met up with Molly when he was escaping Savannah. Because they will have to leave Savannah now its overrun by walkers. So really i'm hoping that Kenny is the guy Clementine is talking too in the Season 2 Episode 2 promo ("I thought you where dead") and maybe Molly is part of Kenny's new group too.

                • There wouldn't be much of a point other than a cool tie in.

                  "Nice job taking care of Lee." or "Lee tried to bite my ass." would be sort of funny, and morbin....

                  Funny you should mention Molly, she is the one I truely want to see make a return. Seeing both her and Kenny would just be a bonus!


      • There's a lot of mounting evidence throughout the forum pointing towards Kenny being alive for season 2. Trouble is it tends to get mixed up in gifsAlt text

  • I think he just wanted to die in Ben scenario. Otherwise why would he stay there? There was no good reason and it wasn't sacrifice at all. It doesn't mean he is dead. He could either change his mind or be saved by someone (Moly is not really so bad idea). I'm really interested what TTG will do. There are plenty people sure Kenny diead and so the ones who don't think so. I don't want it but I think this will be a great unknown character forever :/

  • Doesn't Christa and Omid watch Kenny die in the ally? They are right above the whole thing...

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