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Now, I noticed something weird. Bluebeard seems to be cooperating with Bigby and Crane. In the screenshot, the three are in the interrogation room. Did Crane thought of hiring Bluebeard due to the lack of agents?

  • Isn't Bluebeard the most wealthy fable and in so one of de facto leaders of Fabletown? Haven't read the comics but thats how it seemed in ep1.

  • Money buys power in Fable Town.

    I read a little up on it a while ago. He fled the homelands with his riches that's pretty much why he is doing better than everyone else.

    He is a suspect of Bigby's but Blue Beard is to high profile to pursue let alone Bigby has no evidence on anyone yet.

    • He didn't just keep his riches, he extorted refugees out of theirs as payment for smuggling them out of the Homelands.

    • Your also suppose to let your "past". Be in the past with fables example with bigby who is trying to good with a fresh start in fable town,nobody is aloud to talk about it but they are aware of bigbys past so they are still careful around him.

      Bluebeard for me appears to be a "give them an inch.." Type of guy

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