• He is probably an important role in the story or possibly telltales way to provide more story branching? They may actually let both characters live ( Highly unlikely) and have a decision that bites you in the ass a lot, having huge impact on the story. Either way I think he will be important to the story because he lives in both cases, has a lot of potential for building on and I like his character. Saved him because Pete was bit and although a nice guy I would pick mullets over bald heads any day, sorry uncle Pete :(

  • I think TT Will get us to either really like him or dislike him, then we run into Kenny who is a bit too far gone. Kenny brutally stabs Nick in front of the group, and now Clem's decision to stay with cabin group or go with Kenny isn't as easy as we thought.

  • Well you never know after such a length of time in the apocalypse. Notice how I'm speculating and said "Kenny, who is a bit far gone."

  • Nick is such a difficult and immature character that you can't win no matter who you choose to go with. I played through both scenarios and if you pick Nick, he blames you for leaving Pete although survival wise it's smarter to go with Nick as he has a gun with ammo. If you pick Pete, he'll most likely blame you for anything that happens to Pete after that (if he is bit) and will accuse you of having no faith in him.

    So far I'm not a fan of his, but I'm sure he will create a lot of great tension as a result of your choice in episode 1.

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