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Whats the Difference between Steam and buying it from

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I compared the prices it was the same so what is the real difference between buying from Steam and buying from the official site?

  • Sorry, not a specialist, but I can say that for my region (Ukraine) on Steam it costs only 15$.

  • Steam gives you easier access to the game (imo), but the telltale website offered a special edition dvd if you pre-purchased it, so i went for the website copy. Also Telltale recieves less money from steam purchases, and i feel like supporting them as much as i can without buying the same product endless of times.

  • Steam gives you sweet achievements.

    Everybody likes achievements.

  • With Steam, you get to play it in the Steam client, which I personally prefer, and you also get achievements to make you feel good.

    The good thing about buying it on the website is that more money goes to Telltale, whereas on Steam, they get a cut.

    However, Steam has large sales often, so you can grab it for a fairly cheap price.

    • Thank you all for your responses..So In Steam we get these Achievements like we had those in GTA V etc...other than that there is no other difference in the Game Play right?

      • No. You can take screenshots as well, and using steam, you can go to the community hub, check out guides, art, etc. But the actual gameplay is no different.

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    Buying it from the telltale shop also gives you a physical collector's edition copy once all episodes are released.

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