Torture strategies for episode 2

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Discuss your plans to try and get information out of Dee or the Woodsman.

My first goal will be to get Dee drunk, making him more likely to give info. Then, talk to him, see what I can get calmly. Then, beat the shit out of him. Anyone who strong arms a child (toad jr.) looses all rights in my book.


  • I'm not really a fan of torture, but Dee just has such a punchable face it's going to be hard to resist.

    I don't really have a plan, per se, I'm just going to try using all the good guy options and see where that goes.

  • Michael mate, the one you are interrogating isnt the brother who strong-armed Toad jr. It's the other brother, but he isn't caught.

  • Wait, really?

    Well then, either way, I'm not gonna be soft on him. I want revenge for Snow's death, and he looks like he could make a good punching bag.

  • Pretty sure that's when Bluebeard goes "You will never get anywhere if you treat him like a prince!"

  • And it is going to be so awesome when he does.

  • Dee's torture: cut off his ear and make him swallow chunks of his flesh.

    Woodsman torture: Glass him, glass him, glass him...

  • Imagine the irony if [Glass Him] actually meant giving him a drink in Episode 2.

  • I chose Woodsman in my playthrough , and to me he seems like a cool guy (only violent at times). I don't really want to hurt him , but he better not lie to me 'cause I don't like that. And when I see something I don't like , shit happens.

  • I was pretty freaked out when the new red band trailer for episode 2 showed snow in the sewers. This episode will contain alot of nudity and violence so make sure the children aren't around. The pimp gets a lap dance from the naked stripper.

  • If its The Woodsman I think taking a drink in front of him is enough, Drunk Wretch

  • I think Blue kills Dee/Woodsman depending on who you chose

  • or better yet if you get the [Toast Him] option...

    ... And Bigby throws a piece of toast in his face. ... Nah that's a little far-fetched.

  • a simple 'good cop' & 'bad cop' style

  • I don't know about you guys..... But i would shit my pants if Bigby transforms in front of me, that should do the trick.

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    first, my plan is to be good cop. be polite, offer Dee a drink. if I silver toung him enough, whats done is done, I got what I need. but if he dosn't give me what I want, wich I'm sure he won't, then thats whene I crack my knuckles and go to town all over his fat ass.

  • I know I'll end up having one good cop playthrough where I try to be persuasive (to a point), and one bad cop playthrough where I just rage at the prisoner. I also have a Dee file and a Woodsman file. So, I think that will make a difference in my tactics. At this point I think they're both asshats, but after the events of ep. 1 I'm definitely angrier with Dee.

    It's in ways like this that the game really makes me think. Do I want to do what I would do, or do I want to try to play it doing what I think Bigby would do? I'm a fairly restrained person. Bigby, on the other hand... well, he's a pissed off wolf with abandonment issues who's just lost the girl he's been crushing on for centuries. Maybe I'd be nice, but maybe Bigby would be ripping off people's arms and beating them over the head with them (looking at you, Grendel). There are certainly many different sides to Bigby, but in this case I have a feeling that if he ever found Snow's head on his doorstep, he'd likely come unhinged. Oh well, that's why I made more than one save file. :)

  • My thoughts exactly. In episode 1, Bigby was trying to make himself look decent, get respect, etc. Now Snow is dead, so zero fucks are given on his part. He wants revenge.

  • No, it was Dee who punched Toad Jr.

  • I thought that glass him mean pour his beer onto his face.

  • I meant to choose Dee, cuz he's suspicious, we even saw him at Lawrence's house, but my brain trolled me and said: "No, no, you're fucking clicking on Woody."

  • I think those aren't the sewers. I think that's Dr. Swineheart's lab. He's some kind of freaky alien, so the lab fits him right.

  • It was Dum, Dee was the guy at Lawrences place. While Dee was there, Dum was at toad's.

  • i dont think that would work on the Woodsman....

  • crap I thought that was Faith are you sure it's her? If so that will be such a dark way to open the episode

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    "[Glass Him]" on the woodsman Qutie Obviously

    EDIT:dammit someone beat me to it

  • Reservoir Dog style

  • Well, that's a bit harsh......... But he deserves it!

  • I'll just wing it. I'll beat on Dee a bit, then try to get some psychological torture in there, then I'll hit him some more and think about stopping once my knuckles begin to bleed.

    After that, smoke break. I let him squirm and wait for me to come back before I break out the really nasty stuff. Of course, I doubt it will be that involved, but I can dream.

  • Yea it's snow pay close attention to the hair and Earrings :D

  • You know we used to outsource these kinds of things, but the countries we outsourced to were very unreliable sometimes. Turn on the switch and the power wouldn't come on for hours, then tempers would get short- people would resort to things like pulling finger nails, acid drips, skinning. The whole exorcise would become counter productive.

  • I would if you ripped Grendels arm off

  • just rewatched trailer you're right, really can't wait to play the 2nd episode

  • I'm not sure! I want to bash Dee's face in, but it appears that TJ is going to be watching how we deal with the prisoner. I don't want him to be afraid of me. We'll just have to see how much Dee pisses me off during the interrogation.

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    You shouldn't even be aware of Toad's affair in the first place.

  • I'm gonna explain to the Woodsman that I don't thin he did it and I just want answers. I'll buy some eclairs, and we'll talk and have a good old time.

  • I know! I wish I hadn't seen that bit in the trailer. This is going to be pretty difficult for me.

  • But they killed my good cop....

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