tarot card in episode 1

In the business office on Ichabod's desk are three tarot cards
Beeing from new orleans I am some what familiar with this "dark art" the three cards will tell of the past, then the present, then the future. All the cards are not upsidedown (yes enen that comes into play) in order they are: for the past "strength" wich tells of how feared bigby was in his past in the homelands devourimg entire towns. The present is the tower wich when right side up I think means death of someone you know but I could be wrong. The last card the future is the ten of sowrds wich I am clueless about. As I said all the cards are rightside up. If anyone els can fill me in on what it means I would appreciate it. P S the magic mirrior is of no help he only tells you to not put much faith (rimshot) in the practice of Tarot. Then he tells you he's "as clear as a window"


  • I used to live in New Orleans too. :)

    10 of swords upright is as bad as it looks. Typically a messy, bad, situation. Ruin, despair, unexpected failure and disaster. Sometimes literally backstabbing or betrayal. It's often an ending to some situation, but it's an ending that involves some sense of loss or pain. There is usually light at the end of the tunnel, though. In one of those "Darkest hour is before the dawn" ways.

    The Tower is sudden calamity. Strength can be both physical strength or inner strength, like strength of character.

    There's another discussion on the cards here:

  • I think ten swords for... Backstab, by more than 2 people.

  • I just thought the card was there to hint we should go to Lawrence's first, what with the blood and the knife.

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