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Erin Yvette Interview (Snow White, The Wolf Among Us) - Alternative Magazine Online

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Hey everyone. Following on from my review of The Wolf Among Us: Episode One - Faith and my interview with Bigby Wolf voice actor Adam Harrington, I have recently posted an interview on Alternative Magazine Online with Erin Yvette - the voice of Snow White!

INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Erin Yvette (Snow White, The Wolf Among Us)

Thanks for reading - I'd love to hear your thoughts! :)

  • Ah, I appreciate these interviews, man.

    Erin didn't know about Snow's death? That's...interesting.

    • interesting indeed.

      Q: Have you recorded for The Wolf Among Us – Episode Two yet?

      Erin: Alas, the final minute of Episode One can answer that.

      Implying she didn't record because of her character being dead. But I think that's a lie to not spoiler the future episodes. If that was an honest statement, how could she not know about her death? Did she think Snow would just be on vacation for the next four episodes when she (supposedly) didn't have any lines for episode two? So I think she's gonna appear. (and of course because Snow is still alive 30 years later)

      • If you watched the Up At Noon interview on IGN with Clementine's VA last month, (and I'm sure it's mentioned by other VAs), the voices are only recorded when needed. So Episode 1 is all recorded together, then it's released and Episode 2 is recorded. Helps to avoid spoilers by the VAs since even they won't know the story until a month or so before the episode is released. They might know a few details before that, but the majority of the story is still unknown to them until they record. Spoilers, accidental or intentional, are rampant these days. And chances are Telltale has to rewrite some later scenes after an episode is released so easier to record lines when needed and not all at once.

        As to how she didn't know Snow died ... dead bodies can't talk. She had no reason to record dialogue beyond the taxi scene where she left Bigby at the Trip Trap. That's like how many knew the truth about Darth Vader being Luke Skywalker's father. Very few knew until the release of the movie Even most of the cast didn't know because they weren't needed for that scene. Telltale likely gave Erin the lines she needed to record and told her little else to avoid spoilers. Since we know Snow's in the comic, she obviously comes back, but I wouldn't expect that before episode 5 unless it's a flashback.

        After the Walking Dead Season 1 became such a hit, I'm sure Telltale is actively looking to control spoilers. So everything is likely a need to know basis. It's not surprising that some VAs aren't aware of certain things happening to their character because they had no lines for the scene and thus weren't needed to record lines and, by extension, didn't need to know what was going on. Look at all the scenes with the carrot haired guy (boy who cried wolf). He has like one line. The rest of the time, he was just in the background.

        Of course, Erin could also be protecting herself. It got out that she leaked something pivotal, she might never be hired by Telltale to do another game and might get banned by other gaming companies for fear she'd leak their games, too.

  • I enjoyed reading the interview, Erin seems like a nice person.

  • I'm surprised by how young she is. Definitely has a huge future in VA if she keeps going.

  • Awesome lady. Loved her thoughts on female characters in video games.

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