Trevor Hoffman as Jack?

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Watching the new trailer for Episode 2 of The Wolf Among Us, I think there was more than one voice that I recognized. I already knew that Dave Fennoy(Lee Everett) would be doing the voice of Bluebeard, so it was no surprise to hear him, and I also knew that Jack of the Tales from the Fables Comics would make an appearance in Episode 2, but is he being voiced by Trevor Hoffman? It really sounded like him in the trailer. For anyone who doesn't know, Trevor Hoffman is the voice of Ben Paul and Justin from Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 1 and 400 Days.

So, can anyone confirm or deny this?


  • It sounded more like Owen Thomas (Omid) to me

  • Actually, it sounded more like Anthony Lam to me. (The Stranger and Vince in TWD)

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    Ah, that's true. But then again, Jack seems to fit in with the other character Trevor Hoffman has voiced. Both Ben and Justin were kind of whiny, annoying characters, and that's basically Jack's role in the Fables Universe. Part of the reason why I immediately thought it was him.

  • Doesn't it say on imdb yet?

  • No, it hasn't even got Dave Fennoy as Bluebeard yet.

  • Ben's actor also voiced Justin from 400 Days? Hmm, didn't notice that.

  • Yup, it's funny actually as Justin's all smug and conniving but you can still here Ben in his voice a bit.

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    Yeah, he's got a very distinct sound to his voice. When Jack says, "I wanna know, we ALL want to know, just what the hell is going on?" I thought it sounded like Justin from 400 Days. Although, I suppose Anthony Lam(The Stranger, Vince) is also a possibility.

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