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Just updated my version of The Wolf Among Us on the xbox and saw that they added the new achievements to the game, so I thought I'd share their names with everyone.

Chapter 1 complete: Right to an Attorney

Chapter 2 complete: Breaking Point

Chapter 3 complete: Sisters

Chapter 4 complete: Made Them Cry

Chapter 5 complete: Can I get a Fresh Set of Towels?

Episode two complete: No respect for the Dead

And of course Apprentice Librarian!! xD

Let me know what you think these titles correlate to? I think breaking point will definitely be about the interrogation scene in the episode.


  • Sisters probably something about Holly and her missing sister. Breaking point is probably when you get Woodsman/Dee to talk. As for the rest i have no clue what those may be about, but the "no respect for the dead" doesnt sound good at all. Those are just my thoughts though.

  • They sound good to me, I was thinking the relatively the same thing. I'm excited for this episode.

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    I guess "No Respect for the Dead" is the part where Bigby finds Snow's body.

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    I'm guessing "Made Them Cry" is related to Georgie.

  • Sisters could also mean we'll see Rose Red, Snow White's sister. In fact, that's probably the most likely scenario.

  • Hoping we give that pimp a good beating.

  • Well if those ominous shots of the cricket bat are any indication, I'd say there is a good chance we might.

  • That actually just means the episode is finished, so unless that part's the cliffhanger, I doubt it.

  • Oh yes I forgot about that. Ooops lol.

  • but the pic shows holly and another troll

  • Wait what pic do you mean? If it is Holly and another troll then i was right lol

  • on steam(i think) you can see the pics for them

  • Made them cry= Georgie Porgie! Lawrence mentions him in ep 1

  • 'Made them Cry' will definitely be the chapter with the crick--I meqn the strip club. The pimp has a tatoo that read 'Kiss the Girls'. It's Georgie.

  • I'm not so sure it'll be Bigby givung that beating. In the trailer we see the pimp picking up tge bat and looking a tad upset. If it isn't that Bigby took the bat from someone he knocked out on the way in, it could be that the pimp got it off him and Bigby's in trouble.
    Not enough to confidently call it though!

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    Why does it say 0.1% of people have the right to an attorney achievement ? But no one has the other episode 2 achievements ?

    Edit: now more people have played other chapters maybe some testing or early copies that have been given out to some companies.

  • I have! I am confused noone wrote about it. I can see EVERY achievement picture. Is that a mistake??? I dunno. But IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT ACHIEVEMENT PICTURES LOOK LIKE DON'T READ MORE :D

    Chapter I - police hat, probably. Thing on the police head :p sorry I'm not English. It's probably a hat.
    Chapter II - Both Woodsman and Dee. They probably will be interrogated by Lee and maybe he will go to look for another one (I guess to Trip Trap)
    Chapter III - Holy and her sister. I guess it's a cover girl.
    Chapter IV - Georgie, I'm not sure because I could see the pictures only right after playing, so now I'm not sure.
    Chapter V - Holy looks a little scarried or worried. I guess her sister will be next victim
    And the last one - Bigby is staying and there are some hearts flying close to him :b

    I didn't want to see it because it's a little spoiler, but I think I will be surprised BTW

  • The titles of the Achievements sound really badass, and they kind of scare me too xD

  • Breaking Point could also involve the Beast/Beauty situation and your role in either telling the truth or lying to the Beast (or trying to stay out of it)

  • these episode titles have been VERY well-phrased. In my opinion, Right to an Attorney will involve Bigby talking to the police and being bailed, putting even more pressure on him from Crane and Bluebeard (who will want to keep Fabletown secret in order to protect his wealth and assets from Mundies) to find the killer. When Bigby goes to meet Crane, there he will find Bluebeard and have the Well scene with Crane before being threatened by Bluebeard.

    Breaking Point seems appropriate for the interrogation, with Bigby in a much worse mood after the talk downs. There you can play good/bad cop but either way Bluebeard will get involved and Bigby will eventually have to let him conduct his own questioning with the suspect.

    Sisters will revolve around Bigby going back to the Trip Trap to ask about the whereabouts of the guy you let run away, where you will be confronted by Grendel. I'm guessing the mystery girl that talks to Bigby is Holly's sister (only real option), and Bigby will save her from some people (in the trailer, Bigby mentions he has a way with people - either to persuade Holly to return or maybe get people off her back).

    Made Them Cry will involve Bigby tracking down the pimp (after getting a tip-off from the suspect or Holly's sister) and confronting him, possibly ending in an arrest or another murder.

    Can I get a fresh set of towels? has a boxing-reference-tone to it, so that must be when Bigby fights Beast. I think that Bigby will be worried for her safety and rush to find her, unknowingly followed by an even-more worried Beast. When Bigby talks to Beauty, she will be about to explain when Beast arrives. In Bigby's efforts to calm him, Beast will freak out and need to be restrained. From the trailer, I'm not sure whether Beauty will be present for the fight, which is very worrying.

    Somewhere inbetween the first two parts will be Bigby finding Snow's body and getting annoyed by Jack, and I think Bigby will take Prince (determinant) to see Faith's remains around the same time.

    Most of what is shown in the trailer after Episode 1 and the mainstream release happens in the evening/very early morning, and you can only guess when the scene with Snow's body is. I also think that there will be another murder or even a public message from the killer to all Fables to throw Fabletown in disarray and put Bigby under even more pressure. Only 2 more days, prepping for the feels!

  • Or bigby gets it from him

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    OK, I don't know why... but my game shows the full achievements list (also for episodes 3, 4 and 5). I have no idea how this happened, but here's what I have (maybe someone else has them too?)

    Anyway, here's the list the game showed me:


    ch. 1 Promising Leads

    ch. 2 Belly Full of Stones

    ch. 3 What Big Eyes You Have

    ch. 4 Huff and Puff

    ch. 5 Severe Case of Lycanthropy

    Complete the Ep. 3 - The Enchanted Land of New York City

    Collecting Books of Fables Ep. 3 - Journeyman Librarian


    ch. 1 Once Upon a Time

    ch. 2 There Was a Wolf

    ch. 3 Who Ruled the Land

    ch. 4 He Was Much Feared

    ch. 5 But Soon He Mended His Evil Ways

    Complete the Ep. 4 - And All Were Happy

    Collecting Books of Fables Ep. 4 - Master Librarian


    ch. 1 Beginning of the End

    ch. 2 This House of Straw

    ch. 3 A Silver Bullet

    ch. 4 My Last Cigarette

    ch. 5 The North Wind Blows

    Complete the Ep. 5 - Happily Ever After

    Collecting Books of Fables Ep. 5 - Grand Master Librarian

    Complete the Game 100% - Full Moon

  • Ya, I think ever copy of the game shows it. I can see them on my PS3 and I think Steam shows them all as well with pictures.

  • Wasn't that Rose Red in the trailer?

  • Xbox doesn't show them all, only episode two as of right now, But steam has the full list and pictures for them found here. http://steamcommunity.com/stats/250320/achievements

    Credit goes to @Tomi021

  • I think its safe to say that episode 3 will revolve around the Woodsman, Red Riding Hood (cant remember her specific name) and ofcourse Bigby. Episode 4 is centered around Bigby's dad (North Wind). Everything in the 5th episode makes sense to me except "A Silver Bullet" dont know what that means.

  • Did a tiny bit of research and found out that a silver bullet is the only way to kill a werewolf, witch, or any type of monster. Im assuming someones gonna try and kill Bigby or Bigby uses this "Silver Bullet" to kill North Wind (since he hates him sooo much?). I would think the chance of Bigby being killed are high but then again Telltale is sticking to the actual Fables. Even if he died though dont popular fables have high chances of popping up again? Those are just my ideas. Another thing is that today the term "A Silver Bullet" means something that cuts straight through the complexity of a certain subject and reveals the answer. Maybe this Silver Bullet is the straight up answer to Snow's and Faith's deaths. The term Silver Bullet is also pictured as the "wave of a magic wand". Those are just my thoughts I could be wrong.

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    Well, in comics there was a prophecy that Bigby is destined to
    die 7 times before vanishing entirely, so maybe he will be attacked in the final episode, then come back from the dead and solve the case?

  • My predictions:

    Right to an attorney - Bigby gets arrested by the Mundy police and is interrogated

    Breaking Point - Something to do with interrogating Woody/Tweedle

    Sisters - Holly's missing sister's fate is revealed

    Made them cry - Bigby has fought with Beast and the Pimp

    No respected for the dead - the discovery of Snow's un-decapitated body

  • Well I wouldnt be surprised if he gets killed because TellTale did it with Lee and they knew they couldnt bring him back. In this case they can bring him back 7 times so I think its likely.

  • It's not fully explained in comics, but it would probably be the second time he died - he was killed for the first time in the Red Riding Hood story (drowned in the river).

  • Nope. He survived from Red Riding Hood story. He is son of the North Wind and he can hold his breath in water for very long times. You read comics wrong like I did before. :D

    And, The "Noryh Wind Blows Up" means Bigby. He will use his Wind power I think. Just I think

    Bigby is well known fable and he will come back after someone kills him.(Mister Dark or other superpowers not included :D)

  • Well I got the first three right :P

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