• Sisters probably something about Holly and her missing sister. Breaking point is probably when you get Woodsman/Dee to talk. As for the rest i have no clue what those may be about, but the "no respect for the dead" doesnt sound good at all. Those are just my thoughts though.

  • I guess "No Respect for the Dead" is the part where Bigby finds Snow's body.

  • I'm guessing "Made Them Cry" is related to Georgie.

  • Made them cry= Georgie Porgie! Lawrence mentions him in ep 1

  • 'Made them Cry' will definitely be the chapter with the crick--I meqn the strip club. The pimp has a tatoo that read 'Kiss the Girls'. It's Georgie.

  • http://steamcommunity.com/stats/250320/achievements

    Why does it say 0.1% of people have the right to an attorney achievement ? But no one has the other episode 2 achievements ?

    Edit: now more people have played other chapters maybe some testing or early copies that have been given out to some companies.

  • Breaking Point could also involve the Beast/Beauty situation and your role in either telling the truth or lying to the Beast (or trying to stay out of it)

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