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BTTF the game time train?

posted by marty001 on - Viewed by 2.1K users

This is some what of a problem that has been messing with my head since I started the 2010 game again recently. WTF happened to the ELB time train that emmet supposedly used to travel to 1931? Did the developers just forget about it after the delorean came back? Or did the ELB time train have an auto retrieval device of its own autonomously flying it back to 1885? That would be the only logical fate I can think of for his train. Otherwise if he left it parked on the train tracks somewhere, someone would have eventually found it, used it and screwed up the time line in some way.

  • I am playing this game again cause I had a BttF-movie-night with friends last weekend, and really feeling like going through this BttF-4 experience again :-) I just finished episode one where Marty had that talk with Doc through the jail-window-bars; where Doc says he found a copy of the DeLorean in 2025, during one his timetravels (after the ending of the movie BttF 3), so my guess is that he is using the/that DeLorean again, in stead of the train from the third maybe Doc got the train 'parked/stashed' somewhere in 1885, 'guarded' by Clara and/or his kids!

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    Jennifer Moderator

    Marty did ask about the time train in the first episode of the game, so Telltale didn't forget about it. Seeing as the train had the ability to hover, it didn't need to be on rails, so I'd have to say that guybrush1981 is probably right that Doc has it hidden somewhere (or possibly dismantled it), since it's definitely a whole lot harder to travel through time without being noticed in a train than it is in a car. ;)

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